Gods Unchained - Representing Team OCD In Game


On the stream, you can observe Top 100 gameplay from Gods Unchained.

Some rewards of this post will be sent to Team OCD, in order to fund future tournaments and giveaways - rest of the rewards I will invest in new, cards to build a competitive deck...

Still using mostly core cards as market is unavailable... and sadly, still limited to craptop quality and will be for few more weeks, bear with me until then!

(When my gaming PC arrives I do have in plans to output HD content daily)

Currently I'm using some mid-range control Amazon based deck... lets see where this leads us!

The Deck (ab)used: https://unchainedstats.com/deck/185520/

Team OCD's weekend tourney is currently over, calculations and analysis are taking place... If you want to be ahead of the game for next one, make sure to follow OCD blog on Steem (@ocd)

Long story short, you can earn STEEM for every win and as well compete to earn some meaningful rewards in form of Rare Chests and similar.


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Hijacking this post to mention that you can also earn some STEEM in my GU puzzle, but only until tomorrow! Will publish a new one on Friday :)

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