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You read right ladies and gentlemen, as a 24 year anniversary of the PlayStation 1, Sony are re-releasing the console! Only this time it will be coming to us in a much more petite size, about the same size as the controller actually. 45% smaller than the original to be precise. Amazing how technology has allowed for us to shrink things we love into such convenient sizes. For whatever reason you want to carry around a PS1 that is. Still, its got all the goodness of the original and we are excited!

Anyway, we are just as excited as you are to get our hands on this renewed relic of yore. So far we have been told that 20 games in total will be playable on this console. We don't currently know all 20 of them but they are meant to be some of the best hits we ever played on the console of the 90's. Luckily, Sony have revealed five of these games, those being:

  1. Tekken 3
  2. Final Fantasy 7
  3. Ridge Racer Type 4
  4. Wild Arms
  5. Jumping Flash

Any of those games sound familiar to you? Have one of these five oldies got you excited to relive your youth already? We're definitely eager to have a another test drive on ridge racer and also kick each others asses on tekken.


Best part of it all, we dont even have to wait that long for the console to hit the shops! Sony have announced that the PlayStation Classic will be available to buy as early as the 3rd December 2018! For only £89.99! ($99.99 in USA and €99.99 in Europe) Two controllers included. How generous- no analog sticks though, ew. Good job we kept our old PS1 controllers, right?

Want to see the unveiling video? Click on the link below curtousy of Sony.

How about that classic PS1 boot-up sound? Oh Yeah!

We hope you enjoyed our blog, please upvote and follow us if you did so that you dont miss out on our future content. Until then, we suggest you preorder the console right away and have a great day!

'A simpler console, for a simpler time.'

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This is so cool! .. Now if we can just get a Dreamcast Classic... Oh, am I the only one thinking this? TOO BAD!

Yes. Great childhood memories.

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We're glad you lived with the PS1 too.

Such a good console and to say that the anniversary makes me feel old is an understatement. Nice post :)


Don't worry. We all feel old right now haha. Thanks!

How much in dollar would it cost now?


$99.99 bro. Not a bad price to be honest, especially if the other 15 games for it are worth it.

would be cool if they implemented compatibility with the latest duel shock wireless controllers