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Good Day/Night Fellow Steem Users and welcome to another one of Fowl Play's very special Blogs.
For today's blog we're going to be going back in time and remember the old classic spiderman game for Playstation 1 that we used to play in our younger years in appreciation of the franchise's latest Game: "Marvel's Spiderman" for PS4. If you haven't already had the chance to play it, we strongly recommend it as it has all the web-fighting combo attacks and sweet combat cinematics we enjoyed from the previous spiderman games.


Let's start things off with the setting for this dusty old game made for PS1.
Simply called Spider-man, the game set us gamers on the path for great fun with web slinging across New York City. The game added that extra bit of excitement by having the lower part of the city submerged with a toxic fog. It was as if you were playing a game of Hot Lava when you were a child... You know, the game where the floor was lava and you couldn't touch it? Classic.


The game had you play as a Spiderman who was disgraced by the the public due to him being framed by a crime committing imposter also resulting in you having to face off your brutish Rival Vemon who was out for revenge after the foul deeds commited by the imposter (later revealed to be Mysterio). However, Vemon wasnt the big bad guy in all of this, no. You later discover that the real mastermind behind the fog in New York is Doctor Octopus or Doc Ock for short, accompanied with Vemon's arch rival- Carnage. Ultimately, no dastardly due can stop the amazing Spiderman and you successfully beat the living day lights out of both of them.


But it doesn't end there.

Just when you think its all over and you can take a well earned sigh of relief. The game throws a final nasty surprise at you when the Carnage symbiote makes host of the defeated Doc Ock creating the abomination that was Monster Ock. We'll never forget the anxiety-provoking final mission that followed after that cutscene. Having to flee for your life in an unusually large vent as a monsterous 8 limbed... monster claws his way ever closer to you will forever be something that scares even the hardiest of gamers.
The mission really did feel like it was never going to end and those little moments where he was literally on top of you always did the job of scaring the dickens right out of you!

Ah but with all we went through, it gave us a great gaming experience that we will never forget from a once great console. We hope it brought the nostalgia flowing back to those of you who had the pleasure of playing this game. Never before has there been such a tense ending mission. Let us know in the comments if you can think of one to challenge it.

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Special Thanks- Game photos used in this blog (except thumbnail) are thanks to those whose names are watermarked on.

See you next time!

PS -
Who can remember the amazing mystery of how your webs always managed to keep you in the air even when there clearly wasn't anything above you for your webs to attach to. Games like this back in the day were just gold. Though it probably wouldn't stand with the gaming critiques of today. Still great though.

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Waiting till I can afford the the Spider-Man.