Steem Monsters: Trying to Get Back into Gold Division

3년 전


After a couple of season getting into Gold Division III, I had failed in the last two season to get in and gain those additional Reward Cards. So I tried to look at how I can focus to improve my chances of getting back in and learned that more players have been leveling up their cards by leading with their Summoners to level 4. This provides the ability to play with higher level commons as well as other in all Splinters. This unlocks a couple of abilities that are not available at lower levels and helps provide a chance to gain more ranked points.

I had been accumulating more Reward Cards and DEC as I have played consistently in all Seasons. This has provided me the ability to trade for some of these cards I needed to level up my collection. Luckily, my main contact had a number of these extra Beta cards and needed some Reward cards so it worked out without spending DEC. Instead, I have started to use my DEC to get Mystery potions which give me a random bonus every day. I have gotten Orbs which I have also used to trade for more cards.

Having made these changes halfway through last season, I was able to comfortably get into Gold Division once again. But trying to moving into Gold Division II has been really hard as I cannot achieve win streaks with any one strategy. I see that the levels of Gold Division players are much higher than mine so I guess I am now only beginning to build a better team. My question now is whether I should focus on Summoners first or continue saving for higher level Legendaries on my team. I hope to continue using my Daily Quest rewards and DEC to get more of these in my collection and gain higher levels!


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