Memorable Gaming Moment: Pepsiman

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Dam dam
Da da dam, dam
Da da dam, dam
Da da dam, dam

Not sure what did this game have to do with some carbonated soft drink product, but this was one of the best, and the funniest experience I ever had in video game. This game is, really, a joke. And I didn't mean it in a bad way. If you've played Pepsiman before I'm sure you get what I'm saying. 

Pepsi run

As a kid, this game's hilarious slapstick manner never failed to make me laugh even after I played it over and over again. Sometimes I paused the game for 15 minutes or so because I was literally rolling on the floor. I wonder if people who played it deliberately bump into people or stuff at some point just because it's funny.

My most memorable ROFL moment is whenever I make Pepsiman bump into literally everything, pedestrian, vehicles, trip over something, etc. The animations makes Pepsiman looked like a clumsy idiot. Back in the day the hardest level in video games in general for little me was when you had to play in inverted control in third-person perspective. Can't remember in which games this mechanic can be found, but Pepsiman is one of them.

Pepsi bump

There's an epic "BAAM!"-sort of sound effect when Pepsiman hit something as if it was cool. This game is where you can find a misfit SFX to be acceptable because it's funny. Back in the day at least.

There's one scene when Pepsiman was posing in front of his Pepsi fans, then he got ran over by a Pepsi truck that sent him fly towards a giant Pepsi replica, causing it to fell off from its Pepsi billboard, then Pepsiman need to run from the giant rolling Pepsi or he will be crushed by a Pepsi.
That moment when you say a word repeatedly and that word starts to look like there's something wrong with it.

Pepsi chase

When the stage started, the game caught me off guard with the camera position that was in front of the character instead of behind him, with the control that didn't adjust to the camera position which makes the player had to quickly get the grip of the inverted control. My brain had a difficult time to sync quickly with the "Right is left. Left is right." control. And later there were a couple of this kind of levels again.

Pepsi bin

Pepsi slide

It was a pretty fun challenge. For a game like... what, Temple Run(?), where your character keep running non-stop and the main control for the player is only around moving left and right, jump, and slide, it slightly adds to the variety of the gameplay, or just for the lolz. Such as a part where Pepsiman skateboarding, got a trash can stuck on his body, or riding a barrel which, again, in slapstick manner. 

It was funny back in the day, but I wonder if I'd still laugh until my stomach hurts over this silly mascot today. I've got a better idea; How about Pepsiman remaster? Pepsiman remaster it is! Anyway, thanks for stopping by, Steemian!

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Great post, cool game, I love the Sony PlayStation


Thanks! Writing this I miss my PS1 :<

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Ooh thanks, OP Gaming! I really appreciate it!
I wish I can buy you Pepsi. But since I can't you could get one yourself and pretend it was from me...

hi @gaming stuff,
Read the post just know...found it interesting...but i never heard of this game...although it sounds interesting.Is there any new version of this game availabe ?
Also i have followed,commented and upvoted your post. Please do me a favour by doing the same and help me grow on steemit.


No, as far as I know there's no new version of this game. Only this one on PS1.
And since you're new, maybe you should try to read this post and this post first to get some tips on Steemit.


Not only was it only available on PS1, but it's a Japan Exclusive title. Namely because Pepsiman never saw TV exposure outside of Japan.

Also, begging for upvotes doesn't work like you think it does. Being awesome, starting a conversation, and making friends will get you upvotes. @gaming-stuff shared two links with you that you definitely need to read.


Weird, I thought Pepsiman was American game, because of... I don't know.

In PS1 generation, we got games from all the regions in Libya, I don't know if that is good or bad... Because I only realized (8 years?) later that games sold here where almost always unofficial (read: pirated) copies.

I do want to get a copy of this game someday, its such a cool oddity. I'm strangely drawn to video games based on food mascots. I still need to get a the Chester Cheetah game someday.


Wow I never heard of a Cheetos game before. With a title "Too Cool to Fool", I wonder what kind of a character that cheetah might be.

LOL wow I thought I had see every terrible corporate game out there but this might beat the Burger King one


And this game is actually fun... More fun than many games released these days, who could've thought!!


Maybe the right expression for that is "It's so bad, it's good"? Lol.
Anyway, I've never heard of the Burger King game. Burger King, Cheetos, 7-Up, Dorritos. I'm starting to think every single thing I've eaten has games of their products.

I can't believe how nostalgic I feel whenever I hear about PEPSIMAN, I had many good memories with it (one time my extended family came to visit, and we spent the day playing this. With my cousins, other cousins and my cousins from my mother's side.)

Why does English have to have only one word for both types of cousins?!

whenever I make Pepsiman bump into literally everything, pedestrian, vehicles, trip over something, etc. The animations makes Pepsiman looked like a clumsy idiot.

Moments of GOLD!!

Why does English have to have only one word for both types of cousins?!
I know, right? This is really cousin trouble when you're in the middle of a conversation!

I'll see myself out.

I played this at my father's friend's house. He had a kid who owned a PS1 and Pepsiman. I was just sat there like a statue the whole afternoon because I didn't know him, until his mother told us to play this together. This game really broke the ice. We laughed so hard for hours and since then we became friends lol.