WoW Classic Stories #3. Time is Money My Friend


When it comes to WoW classic the warrior leveling experience is one that is quite hard. You are extremely dependant on your gear. And every swing counts. A miss or parry could spell your doom and two creeps pulled sometimes grantees your demise. That why I love warrior the challenge keeps you coming back!


One thing that makes the warrior experience more comfortable is the might Wirld Wind Axe. You can wield this amazing lvl 40 axe at a mere level 30! If you have some kind friends to help you out.

Something I plan this game around. If your going to spend time in Azeroth, it is best spent with friends.


I managed to get the Axe after fairly a grind. As many things are in classic.


This Blue Axe will probally last me past lvl 40 and give me a massive power boost for the next few levels.


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