Welcome to my RUST server, friends!

2년 전

I finally bought my own server in RUST and now I welcome you all to play one of the most awesome games out there :D
I now host a server with 100 player slots and I already have e few dedicated players online. I am in full control of the map and the rules of the server and eager to make a fun and nontoxic environment for the players.

The name of the server is: HappiPalace. The easiest way to connect is to push F1 and write "client.connect" in the console (the server ip is: You should also be able to find the server on the Community server list.

The server is gonna serve as the playground for all my coming Rust events (duels, minigames, tournaments) and I'm planning to record and stream everything!

So, welcome to the server Steemians, I'm eager to help out in the game is new to you and get you started. If you are interested if helping me out with all the events in the future, please reach out to me and come playing so we can get to know each other!



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