Cities Skylines: The Third City Part 6

6개월 전

In this video, I focus on enhancing the public transportation system of the city. There's also some expansion towards the North, and more thinking about how I am going to fix up all the traffic problems that are plaguing the city.

I'm always amazed at the attention to detail that the Cities Skylines engine gives you regarding traffic flow, and pedestrians wandering along the streets. There's so much detail to stop and look at, and with the traffic management mod I have installed, there's even more to do - changing lane direction, analyzing the best way to manage flow, and more.

The fact that each and every vehicle has a reason to exist on the road, and you can follow each one from origin to destination is truly fascinating.

I can't wait to have them drive all over the top of rivers.

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You're so organized. I start off ok, but as I grow things get a little unorganized. Not sure if its lack of patience or lack of planning ahead. I agree completely about the attention to detail. I love that you can click on a transportation line and see it's route. The one thing I don't like is that in order to upgrade your roads, needing to either teardown everything in that stretch or leave a side of the street empty. I did watch part of the video, very nicely done. Considering that we mostly watch YouTube and Twitch I am starting to rate video mentally LOL.


The other great thing that this game has done for me is give a truly greater appreciation to the way in which roads and urban design is done in my immediate world, when I wander away from the computer screen. Even though it might appear that we try to make use of every last plot of land, there's a lot of (what in Cities: Skylines - would be wasted space) - all the space serves a purpose.

There's a reason for median strips, and stretches of nature between roads and houses - and it makes urban design, even "normal" looking suburban streets, have a functional design that's elegant and un-appreciated.

I think it takes a certian type of person, a person that plays games like this - to idenitfy those things, though!


I does give you the appreciation for urban planning. I love playing it, I just want can't stand it when I start playing reactionary. You can't with this game, you have to plan

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