holoz0r's A-Z of Steam DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue, yes they made a sequel...

8개월 전

DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue shares so many of its bad, and good things with the first game.


The good: the comedy, the art style, the writing, the core mechanics.

The bad: the controls, the game engine, and a new "bad", ... the repetitiveness of the quests.

In the first title, almost everything was a fetch quest. In the sequel, it feels that everything is. Go here, do that, gather this, gather that, bring it there, take it with you, or use it to do something.


In every circumstance - it makes the game far more repetitive, and far less enjoyable. Its a notion that wears thin quite quickly.

There's an underwear joke right in the title of the game - and that's about as far as the scripting for this game gets. Again, the poor controls on PC are what makes it even more laborious to play a game like this.

The fact that the game's official marketing repeats the fact that it has over 150 quests... twice; (I'm aware of how bad that past sentence is) pushes this point into one's eyeballs with a level of pain that simply can't be endured.


This one is definitely a "do not recommend", and makes me realise, that so far, there's very little in my Steam games library that even feels worth keeping, which is a testament to the amount of money that I've wasted on video games so far in my short life.

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