Dcity Giveaways: Let's make it more interesting

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Hello friends, How you doing?

Recently, we finished a giveaway[20x🎴CARDS 💸Giveaway!] by @forykw and it was great. we now have 30 users in the server and still a lot to come. Let's try building the community.

I am still not totally sure how will I manage to set it up, but yeah with the help of @forykw the setup looks pretty great. The Idea is to get some company and setup a micro community. I will just bring more people onboard and of course it benefits everyone. Altough, It still is a start let's see where I can take it out.

Later on we may get some more interested people for the giveaway with lots of poeple for #chit-chat...lol 😄 😅 😅.

Can you tell me more about Dcity?

Dcity is a card game by @gerber, It will allow players to optimize their cities in terms of buildings, population and income. It is a city simulator game based on Steem-Engine Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The individual NFTs represent assets in the game and the total collection of your assets is your city.
[taken from gerber's dcity intro post]

You can read more about the game here:
Dcity official website: http://dcity.io/

Beginner's Tutorial: https://peakd.com/hive-174578/@apprentice001/dcity-beginner-s-tutorial-contest-a-comprehensive-guide-on-how-to-get-started-as-a-potential-new-imaginary-city-owner

Latest Updates: https://hive.blog/gaming/@dcitygame/dcity-update-17-000-hive-bought-for-the-rewards-pool-tutorial-contest-results

Sounds Interesting! How can I also join?

ohh, its pretty simply.

  1. Join the Dcity giveaways discord server

  2. Get yourself a role

  3. Find a giveaway in (# general) and react with the icon and you are in.

What Rewards will be there?

Well rewards are totally random and for fairness I chose to do it by buying cards from the game. The first two cards I buy on sunday are the rewards. Pretty simple isn't it...

The Next giveaway I am planning to have something big like an Airport or factory or restraunt or something. Let's keep it secret for now... haha

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This post has received a 34.4 % upvote from @boomerang.