Games To Earn Cryptocurrency


Games To Earn Cryptocurrency
If I've bored you recently with all these apps that can make you money then I think todays blog will bring you some excitement. Now I'm not sponsored at all by these games I just personally recommend them because I've personally tested them and can confirm they pay and they are really fun games everyone can play to start earning. FYI these apps require you to have wallets so make sure to use coin base for the phone games and a Nano wallet for play Nano. If you need to make a coin base account then use this link to set up your wallet. So now lets get into these fun games.

Nano Play
Now let me start by saying this is the most boring of all the games you can play unless you like roulette. there are two games on this website the jumper game and roulette. The rules for the jumper game are a little complicated so go to the website to start getting a detail explanation of how it works. The second game ion here is roulette pretty simple game I'm sure most of you know how it all works probably more then me so I wont go over this game. You can also earn Nano on this website through other ways as well. Make sure you set up your Nano wallet before you go on here.

Pop stellar
This game is on the app store and is free to download to start earning and playing. This game has a simple premise try to connect as many same colored blocks together then pop them to get a score. To get more score you connect more blocks. you have a certain score you have to pass in order to go onto the next level. If you lose though don't worry you are still rewarded for playing. The only bad thing about this game is the quality of how the block looks and the menu. On this game you earn stellar lumas for playing. Make sure you set up your coin base wallet before you start using this game as well the other games below.

Crypto word
In this game you match letters to make words. You earn based on how big and how many words you can make. The levels work the same as pop stellar. It's a fun game but it's personally not my favorite to be honest. They payout in bitcoin playing this game. So you can stack up your satoshi playing this. highly recommend this game for download. Now lets move onto our last pick.

Crypto pop
now I don't know if you notice but all of these mobile games are made by the same developer. They make some fun games but this has to be my favorite. Like they always say save the best for last. This game mechanics works all the same like pop stellar. the only difference here is that they've cleaned up the game and you now get paid out in Ethereum. The improvements are seen instantly the menu looks better. The blocks now are replaced with crypto coins that are a lot better on the eyes and aren't a sore for the eye. The U.I has also been improved as well.

Over all with the fun mechanics of pop stellar but with visual improvements this makes it my favorite game to play to earn crypto on my phone. If you enjoyed this blog then leave me a like and comment to let me know how I did its all appreciated. If you actually got something from this blog then consider sharing and help is grow you have my deepest gratitude.

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