The Review: Pokemon Black and Pokemon White

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Hey steemians, how are they? I am Jacks, you are welcome again to "The Review" the section in which I analyze videogames and scored them on a scale that goes from 1 to 100. As you will remember that score I always let you know at the end of the post, this score for those who do not know I give it based on the following factors: History, gameplay, graphics, soundtrack and other technical aspects.

Today in "The Review" we will talk about Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, videogames belonging to the famous saga known by all, Pokemon. These games I think have been the most controversial of the franchise, but we'll talk about that later. Anyway, I think I'm extending too much, right? It usually happens...but anyway, let's stop joking and start once with this review.



Pokemon Black and Pokemon White are video games belonging to the saga created by GameFreak, Pokemon. The videogames of the saga are famous for allowing the player to enter the fantastic world pokemon, a world where coaches and pokemons join forces to face different challenges. These videogames officially went on sale in September 2010, but would not reach this side of the world until 2011. The videogame broke the best-selling videogame record of Nintendo and although it has been harshly criticized by many, has been one of the greatest successes of the franchise.

I think that doing an "introduction" in this particular case is not so necessary, since almost everyone knows what goes Pokémon, but I will do it anyway. What is Pokemon about? It goes from a boy called Ash...better forget it. I will reformulate the question in another way. What are the videogames of Pokemon? The videogames of the saga belong to the genre Role Playing Game, a genre better known by its acronyms RPG, in this genre the main character usually undertakes an adventure around the world (in this case region) and is improving little by little rising levels, improving their equipment, etc. In the video games of Pokemon unlike other RPG our main character will not be the one to fight and gain experience, in this videogame those responsible for those will be our pokemons, we can count on up to six of them in our team, which will accompany us in our adventures throughout the region. Note that although we can only travel with six of these creatures, we can capture all we want; which we capture will be sent to the PC, a kind of "deposit" or "gallery", thanks to this we will have the option to change our teammates for others if we see it necessary.

Anyway, enough of formalities, I think I've already explained (unnecessarily) that the games of Pokemon, but if there is still someone who does not fully understand how the matter goes with these games I recommend that plays a videogame of the saga. And now that we've clarified the basics about Pokemon it's time we talked about the story of Pokemon Black and Pokemon White.



The facts of these videogames take place in the region known as Unova. A region that seems to be far away from all those known so far and which seems to be one of the most advancing in the niche of technology. In Pokemon Black the region has futuristic cities and in Pokemon White it turns out to be a more picturesque and traditional region.

And the story focuses on Touya/Touko (Depending on the player's choice). The protagonist belongs to a young group formed by his friends and all the members of that group become coaches after receiving their first pokemon from the professor Aurea Juniper, a pokemon researcher who specializes in the origin of the same. After this, the young people have their traditional "first combat" and after the result they decide to undertake an adventure in the region in order to get the eight gymnastics medals of Unova to be able to challenge the Elite Four and the Champion. Although of course not everything will be so simple for these young people, because the Team Plasma has been dedicated to cause problems throughout the region snatching their pokemons from the coaches that cross their path.

The Team Plasma is led by a young man called N known to be "The King", a young man who is able to talk to all the creatures of the world. The goal of N is to free all the pokemons from the yoke of their coaches.

The protagonist and N represent the two sides of the same coin so the confrontation between truth and ideals is imminent, and at some point in history the protagonist must face N to decide the future of the pokemon world.




Protagonist of the adventure. He is a young man who lives in Nuvema Town and spends his days being with his childhood friends, Cheren and Bianca. But after receiving his initial pokemon will leave his boring life aside to undertake a trip throughout the region with the goal of getting the eight gymnastics medals of Unova and thus be able to challenge the Elite Four and the champion.


He's a smart and kind guy from Nuvema Town. He is a friend of the protagonist's childhood and after obtaining his first pokemon he becomes his rival. He is someone who wants to be strong at all costs to overcome the person he most admires, the current champion Alder. Although the latter, whenever he meets him, reminds him that the most important thing is not strength. Cheren is someone who values and appreciates their fellow pokemon and in combat tries to get the best out of them. Its objective? Be the strongest.


She is a girl who lives in the same town as Cheren and the protagonist. She like her childhood friends after receiving her first pokemon decides to undertake a trip through the region, although Cheren thinks that she does not take it seriously and that she is too enthusiastic if she thinks that without hard work she will be able to fulfill with your objective She is very carefree, but kind, she cares a lot for the protagonist, for Cheren, and of course, for the Pokémon team. Admire the Professor Aurea Juniper and someday she hopes to become a Pokémon researcher like her.


The leader of the Team Plasma, proclaimed like that by his father. He and the protagonist will meet many times and will fight to see who is the strongest, after each confrontation the protagonist will better understand N and discover that he is the leader of the Team Plasma.



The story of Pokemon Black and Pokémon White initially seems to follow the same narrative line of the saga which is to start the journey and defeat the eight leaders of the gym to challenge the Elite Four of the Pokemon League to be able to face the champion, "nothing new" is what some would think to read the previous lines, but the truth is that this game will turn one hundred and eighty degrees throughout the saga with its history.


The story of Pokemon Black and Pokemon White maintains the essence of the saga, but the addition of the Team Plasma along with its leader N gives us which I think is the most serious and mature story in the saga. This is perhaps because commonly within the saga we are used to seeing villains that are, how to say it? Simply selfish And if some may struggle because they have a different view of the world, but in short, their main motive for acting in the way they acted was based solely on obtaining power for themselves. However, the Team Plasma breaks with everything mentioned above, since this group does not fight for power as such, it fights to obtain the power that allows them to protect and realize their ideals.

The Team Plasma shows us a different point of view than the one we know about the relationship between coach and pokemon. They believe that pokemons are creatures equal to humans, considering them as beings with the ability to think, feel and understand language, thus posing the following: Pokemons are so different from humans really? And what if they are? Do not they deserve to be free then?...These questions make us question the simple fact of whether it is ethical to keep a pokemon locked inside a pokeball. Something that is not a small matter, since this world revolves around these creatures. Economy, education, entertainment...absolutely everything revolves around these fantastic creatures. And the Team Plasma who are led by the mysterious N fight on behalf of the pokemons and what they consider to be fair.

The story is really fascinating, it makes you question who is really the hero and who is really the villain. A story which I think is the best of the whole saga.

Regarding the gameplay, the game is not very innovative, let's say, it still maintains the same style of play that we all know. We can form a team with up to six pokemons, and we have to know when to use each one of these to win us, so we can say that its gameplay remains the same. Although it is true that a new combat mode has been added such as the three against three and other multiple styles based on the latter, which are all available in the game and which we can explore further in the video game online.


If we are going to talk about the graphics of Pokemon Black and Pokémon White I think it is appropriate to mention the great effort that GameFreak made in this aspect. The scenarios are extremely detailed and make you submerge in a way never before seen in the pokemon world. Also the evolution in terms of graphics from the first generation (Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue) to the fifth generation (Pokémon Black, Pokemon White, Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2) is evident, it is worth noting that these video games were the first in the GameFreak saga to include 3D graphics. These videogames meant the jump of the saga of the 2D to 3D, and they laid the bases for the future videogames of the saga as far as graphics are concerned.

Another important point to try is the soundtrack of the videogame. Honestly for me, the soundtrack of this videogame is the best of the whole saga. Each song, each melody knows how to represent and capture in the right way each moment, making you feel even more part of the story that is presented in these videogames, all this happening in a simply spectacular way.



We have finally finished with the analysis of Pokemon Black and Pokemon White. So the time of the trial has arrived. Today I will grant Pokemon Black and Pokemon White a score of 96/100.

Pokemon Black and Pokemon White are probably the most criticized videogames of the saga due to the strange designs of some pokemons and for introducing changes supposedly "unnecessary" for the saga, but I consider that These games are the best in the entire saga for its great story. For all the above and for much more I think that these games deserve such a high score.

Anyway, I already gave my verdict so...How many points do you give to this video game? Leave your opinion in the comments, do not forget to vote either. I'm Jacks and see you soon in a new post.

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Great article, thanks. Following. Red and blue were the best.


I think everyone overvalues Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue just because they were the first, I think there are better games in the series than those like these and Pokemon Platinum. But thanks for commenting, greetings.

I like the concept of Pokemon White/Black, I didn't play it to know how it handles it (but they're Game freak, they must have made a good job on it.)

Are we the bad guys when we use our Pokemon to win battles? Isn't that exactly like parents who make their children fight for them? If the player character thinks of Pokemon as friends, what about XX% of population that think otherwise?

Normal player won't think of this questions, but those who do... Wow!!

This reminds me of Kingdom Hearts II, it's a prime example of a player character being "racist" by accident, but it's presented in a way that makes you think. Especially if you played all the arcs of the series.


I had not thought about it that way, it is very interesting also the case of Kingdom Hearts. I think that when a videogame begins to make its own with this kind of moral issues they make their history the most incredible. Finally thanks for commenting @ahmadmanga

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