Hitman: Codename 47 - the history's sake

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Hello to all steemit colleagues today I want to talk about hitman a video game, Gender, Action created by the company IO Interactive published by Eidos Interactive in 2000 for the platform of pc, ps2 and ps3



The game begins with Agent 47 waking up in a bed in a psychiatric hospital, where he is receiving instructions by a loudspeaker of a voice that is presumed deranged. When he reaches the end he must kill a guard and take his clothes to escape. The man through the loudspeaker sees this in a surveillance camera, sits down, and laughs, as he planned the escape of 47.

Six months later, 47 is a professional murderer at the service of the International Contract Agency (ICA), informed by his controller Diana Burnwood. 47 is sent around the world in a series of missions to eliminate four criminals: Lee Hong, leader of the Red Dragon Triad in Hong Kong; Pablo Belisario Ochoa, a Colombian drug kingpin; Franz Fuchs, an Austrian terrorist; and Arkadij Jegorov (also known as Boris), a well-known arms dealer and buyer.

Throughout his twelve missions, not counting the initial escape from the asylum, 47 he collects the letters written between the different delinquent leaders, which suggests that these four people somehow know each other. In addition, the four objectives were once part of the French Foreign Legion at about the same time and seem to be in contact with each other with respect to an experimental human being. The letters also mention a friend in common among men, the 'professor' Ort-Meyer.

47 is then alerted by Diana that the clients who ordered the murders are the same person, and that this person has ordered a final murder in which he will kill Odon Kovacs, a doctor from a sanatorium in Satu Mare, Romania. The "professor" Ort-Meyer is revealed as the man behind the voice and calls the police. A heavily armed SWAT unit penetrates and extends through the building to search for 47. After killing its target, 47 infiltrates deeper and discovers the truth behind its existence: 47 is the result of a cloning experiment that combines the genetic material of each of his four previous objectives (Lee Hong, Pablo Ochoa, Franz Fuchs, and Arkadij Jegorov) and Dr. Ort-Meyer. The experiments were to create a perfect human being.1 Ort-Meyer built the 47 escape from the asylum in order to test his performance in the outside world. Ort-Meyer was supposed to have ordered the murders of his colleagues because they wanted to use the clones for their own purposes, something that Ort-Meyer was not willing to allow.

With the help of Agent Smith, who is locked in the sanitarium, 47 discovers a sophisticated laboratory under the hospital. In response, Ort-Meyer releases a squad of "Messrs. 48", a series of clones with no better and loyal minds.2 47 defeats the clones and confronts Ort-Meyer. The player has the option to kill Ort-Meyer immediately or hesitate, an option that will determine the end of the game. When 47 infiltrates the doctor's laboratory, Ort-Meyer first confuses him with another 48. If the player fails to subdue Ort-Meyer in time, he will attack 47 with an electro-shock weapon and put him back in confinement. If the player hits Ort-Meyer, the doctor stumbles on the ground and mutters: "I did not even recognize my own son." 47 kneels towards Ort-Meyer, and then breaks his neck.

Game system

Hitman: Codename 47 is divided into several main stories, each with its levels. Before each level, the Agency gives the player the opportunity to select some of the weapons and equipment that he will take with him to the mission, according to the money he has obtained in the previous phases. Once the reports of each objective have been studied, as well as the photos or maps that can be provided, the player starts the mission.

The player handles 47 himself, a very skillful and secretive hired assassin. In this, as in all deliveries of the saga, the killings of civilians are punished, whether pedestrians, waiters or others, and it does so by deducting money at the end of the mission, which may be considered unsuccessful if the economic balance is unfavorable for the protagonist.

This is why it is not a game in which the main tactic is direct confrontation with the opponent and killing right and left. It is deception and stealth the main weapon with which the player counts. From not loading weapons to sight or getting information from the characters with whom he interacts to more sophisticated ones, such as killing silently (with a piano string or a knife) waiting for the moment to find oneself alone with the objective or to disguise oneself with the clothes of Some victims, are examples of the characteristics of the game.

Added to eliminate the objectives of each mission, 47 must perform other secondary tasks, such as hiding corpses, disable bombs, or release innocents; some of them will give you valuable information for the course of the mission.





Here I leave a gameplay in case you are interested to see it

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