Microsoft Releases Specs on Upcoming Xbox Series X System!


Seems that Microsoft has finally released the final technical specs of their next generation gaming console dubbed the "Xbox Series X" which is quite exciting for console gamers. The specs are pictured below:

( a screencap from the video above showing the specifications of the next generation xbox )

While we don't have the specs yet of the upcoming Sony PS5 it is speculated that the Xbox Series X may be a slightly more powerful than Sony's offering. This is of course speculation, with a number of supposed Sony next generation system specifications being leaked online, with some stating that the specs will be a bit better than the available Xbox Series X and others stating it will be slightly worse.

The specs on the Xbox Series X as listed above are pretty impressive to be fair. One could certainly look at it as a medium to high end gaming PC but with hopefully roughly half the cost. No word yet on that if any sort of bash shell or alternative OS will be available yet but I imagine even if it isn't available on the release version that hardware hackers will get something of the like implemented in the weeks or months after launch. While not a console gamer myself pretty excited to see what the next gen consoles look like graphics and gameplay wise, this system is more than powerful enough for VR as well which is exciting.


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Xbox Series X most powerful console & probably more expensive

Playstation 5 fastest console & probably the cheaper