Pinochet Simulator - Fixing my bullet tracer issues

3년 전

Raycasting issue 1.png

Well I have uploaded Rabbit and the moon to steam now, I have nothing to do except wait until Valve contact me and tell me whether I get onto steam or not. So while I wait I'm going to immediately move onto my shooter projects, because you know, shooters are so much fun. I got this code awhile back on the unity forums and I thought I understood it but it looks like there are some things I need to check out because I have three problems now with them. The two major ones you can see in the screenshot I've shown.

My debugging ray shows that the actual raycasts which are being fired in this script are all firing in a direction however they are all doing it on a flat plane, this is obviously not what we want as when a gun fires it has a 3D radius so I'll need to fix that. On top of that the bullet tracer particles that I'm spawning into the game to follow the raycasts are not following the raycasts at all, what you see isn't me screwing around with their positioning that's how they ended up due to the actual code. On top of this I need to do something about the way the particle effects actually behave as they're shot out of the gun because they don't emit one by one according to the fire rate.

Expect more shooter stuff from now on, though I am going to be planning some content updates in the future with Rabbit and the moon especially if it gets onto steam.

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