Rabbit and the moon - Planned content update

3년 전

Rabbit and the moon cover.png

Rather than sitting around and hoping I get sales, I'm going to push ahead with my plan for content updates and it will be various themed updates like a Halloween one for example so that way people should be far more encouraged about buying my game and will realise I'm serious about being a games developer.

So! What I'm going to be doing now is a chocolate land based theme for the lulz, I have ordered a new drawing tablet since I haven't had a new one for about 7 years or so ( No joke ) so I figured it's about time I got a shiny new one to help me out with this work that I'm doing. I think I will also be doing some slightly new cover art possibly to help out with the marketing side of things to hopefully attract interest.

Things are getting real now, I'm also looking at the other games and will be making regular posts again about them now I'm back from Italy.

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I really enjoy such gaming posts, checked you other stuff too, really nice. Thanks for sharing!
I've actually been doing some "historical" gaming posts lately, covering noteworthy games released in certain years (just made two about 93 and 2000) and i was just curious what games do you get your dev inspiration from? :)


It originally started off as a tutorial project and I decided I would be fairly sensible and go for a platformer rather than jump into something like an FPS or RPG which is incredibly complicated for a first game. In hindsight I may have even been too ambitious picking a platformer given how long it took to make.

As for inspiration with my newer games especially I'm just getting ideas from all the games I've played generally especially the older ones I played when I was younger as like other gamers I believe the gameplay is always far superior to what most AAA developers put out so I'm looking to emulate it.

Thanks for reading, it really is nice to know I've got some genuine humans looking at things here and I'm always glad to get feedback I'll be doing more posts now on my Android game and Pinochet Simulator in a bit.