Playing Boardgames on the Saito Blockchain!


You guys probably know I like to play games. It's kind of obvious since I post a lot of gaming content and participate in a lot of gaming communities here on Steem!

One kind of game that I never managed to get into was boardgames though… basically because I didn't have friends that liked boardgames lol and all I managed to play was monopoly every couple of months at some family reunions...

I remember a small attempt at creating a boardgames community inside @archdruid but there weren't enough people around to get it started.

About a month ago when I was going around reddit I found a big-data blockchain project bringing multiple boardgames into the blockchain, so I jumped straight in and have been playing boardgames ever since in their arcade! They have a bunch of other applications like a message board and social media, but it's the games and the other people playing them that keep me coming back.

The Saito Arcade!

When I joined, the arcade only had 3 games, Twilight Struggle (my favorite by far since I'm a big history buff and love everything related to WW1, WW2 or the Cold War!), Chess and Wordblocks (which is like a buffed up scrabble). But now there are five games and hopefully more to come!

  • Twilight Struggle is the one game where I have invested the most time since discovering Saito. You spend the whole game in a push and pull between the soviet union and the united states in a bid for world domination while also juggling DEFCON to prevent a nuclear war while doing political intrigue moves across the globe, doing coups and covert operations! It's engaging but not too complicated, making it a pretty balanced boardgame!

  • Chess is another pretty popular game in the arcade. I don't play it much because I have been pampered by the complexity of games like Twilight Struggle and Pandemic, and Chess just doesn't do it for me anymore but I play it from time to time to remember the good old school days when I played it in class.

  • Wordblocks is another game I'm pretty addicted too. It's like scrabble but with new bonus point mechanics that make the game more strategical and have you planning out your word placement even more because you want to score the huge letters on the double or triple boosters!

  • Pandemic is my 2nd most liked game, the premise is pretty interesting as well and I really like that is not pitting players against each other but rather we have to work as a team to prevent multiple... pandemics from infecting the world! The gameplay is a bit faster paced here the game still requires thought and strategy or else you're gonna get overwhelmed really quickly by all the viruses!

  • Poker is the new kid on the block, it was added last week and I haven't really tried it yet but I will be doing so later, because I don't really know how to play card games other than blackjack and Heartstone (assuming you count this as a proper card game lol!)

There's a growing community of people playing in the arcade so if you want to play something multiplayer and have some fun chatting, you should totally visit the arcade and get into a match! Don't worry if you don't know how to play any of these games, people are pretty friendly and I'm pretty sure anyone will be up to teaching you the ropes! Maybe see you around The Saito Arcade!

Check out the servers and social media as well!

Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Steemit | Website | Arcade |

Whitepaper | Saito for Bitcoiners | Proof of Transactions

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everyone loves games


Everyone loves games indeed!

I can't get the link to work?

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All of the links there work, which one is giving you issues?


Should be working now :-)

I would really love to be a part of this arcade too. I love board games like Scrabble and Monopoly. I'll give it a try, hopefully I might catch some fun.
Thanks @lunaticpandora


You're welcome to go play some games anytime!


u tried miniclip

Thank you for this! I love playing board game myself and have a few groups that I sometimes play with but usually finding a suitable time for everyone proves to be more challenging than the game itself. I'll give this a try!


Cool! Looking forward to playing with ya!

Nice, i will try...

  ·  작년

Hello there! I'm a big board game player myself but, like yourself, I'm having trouble finding friends to play with. I usually go on which has a great selection or hang out in the local meet up. Any difference playing on the blockchain? Some kind of crypto rewards for the winner would be cool... Otherwise maybe a Steemit board game gang would be fun!


There will be incentives for players when the project officially releases, it's currently on the testing phase after all :-)

@lunaticpandora I made a quick visit, very nice site. I will visit again later.


Awesome! See you around!

  ·  작년

Going to try thanks


Cool! See you around the arcade!

  ·  작년

Looks cool, they missing one boardgame I was thinking of the other day randomly. :D


Yeah that boardgame you mentioned lol! If you ever get the name I could ask if its possible to integrate it!

thanks for the suggestions.
link to them is:

Ooh poker. I could totally get on board with that.

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You should :-D!


You should :-D!

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