Star Wars BFII Multiplayer Heroes VS Villains

3년 전

Hello there :) Evaluate my first video of the gameplay on the network. This is the "heroes against the villains" mode, I play for Luke Skywalker and as usual I'm dragging the team :)

Привет :) Оцените мое первое видео игрового процесса по сети. Это режим "Герои против Злодеев", я играю за Люка Скайуокера и как обычно тащу команду :)

Enjoy watching :)
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Is it possible to play games and earn in steem


Please give me list of video game I can download on play store connecting my account to it


To earn, you need to record your gameplay on the video, there are a lot of formats, for example cutting of killstreaks, unsuccessful or funny moments, commenting, etc. Just choose a popular game in which you know how to play well. If you are asking about this game, then here's the link