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Are you an Xbox or PC gamer?

Do you like pirates, or wish you could be one?

Join us in the vast pirate survival world of ATLAS!


Hello fellow steemians! @Ma1neevent here with you for another video game related blog. Today I wanted to share you with you my thoughts about a game we've been playing a lot of lately, ATLAS.

Available currently on Xbox One and PC, this game is a survival game with a pirate theme. There are so many elements if other games within it though, that you'll always find something to do!

All of the content in this post is only my opinion. I'm no expert. Always do your own research before purchasing a game.

The game has the usual survival mechanics you'd expect. You have to keep your character fed, hydrated, warm/cool, and even keep your vitamins at normal levels. You do this by eating a variety of foods in the world that you gather and/or cook.

The game then takes on a bit of a Skryim type feel, where you can explore a huge open world, learning new skills as you level up. Thankfully, you don't lose your character progress when you die. You have a limited amount of time to get back to your body to retrieve your lost loot.

Things you can do in game:
Build Bases
Build boats
Tame wild creatures
Breed your tamed creatures
Raid other player bases
Claim entire islands for your own
Steal/fight other player boats
Fight high level in game bosses
Hire a crew to defend your bases and drive your boats
Collect gold from sunken ships
Dig up treasure chests using treasure maps
Form alliances with other teams

.... and much more

The game has elements and things to do like in many games... like skyrim, minecraft, guitar hero, the Sims, and more.

You can choose to play the game on official pvp or pve servers, or play on customized servers.

I love taming animals in the game. We currently have bears, horses, rhinos, and much more... even cats!


I'm currently playing the game on Xbox, so if you'd like to game with me, add my gamer tag, "MA1NE EVENT".

Have you played the game before? Interested? Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below.

Happy gaming steemians!

All photos are screenshots I've created in game



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