Dota 2 Manila Masters language miss

3년 전

Hello Steemit!

For those who are involved in Dota 2 knew it was a big tournament in Manila this last weekend.
Since the Dota 2 teams got players from all over the world. The language barrage can sometimes be a problem.

Swedish dota 2 player Zai saying "putang ina mo". Which he apparently thought ment "thank you" in Tagalog, while it actually means "you mother is a whore".

0.18 into the clip

Zai apparently became the second person in Philippines history to say, "your mother is a whore" on national TV.

If the last statement is true, cheers to you Zai!

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that's hilarious. haha... i enjoyed watching this video..


I enjoyed watching this vid. Thanks for sharing your post, Mark!!
Upvoted & Followed :)


Thanks Lazariko! :)