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We have several types of gaming content creators using all sorts of Steem products, some are decently rewarded, some are constantly struggling, some are getting their votes for something not worth anything.

Overall gaming tags are rewarded way less than some other tags. You know, same old Steem mess, only this time it is revolving around gaming. There are some gaming content creators capable of writing awesome in depth posts and reviews, those are true writers who love what they do and I feel they are not receiving the love that they deserve.

The process that needs to be completed in order to write gaming reviews, previews, retrospectives, require gaming content creators to actually play those games, to analyze all the good and bad things, to take screenshots, to spend money on games.

It is a process that requires way more work than your standard basic posts. Understanding this is the key for better appreciation of gaming posts on Steem. Sure some streams are bad quality, and you actually need to watch them, but to ignore nicely written reviews, just don't do that.

I've seen a lot of popular steemians saying that they are not interested in gaming curation, I'm not gonna name anyone, you know who you are if you're reading this post, but you're probably not because it is a gaming post.

First I got to tell you, ignoring gaming content is plain ignorant. You don't want to ignore gaming content if you want Steem to increase in value for one simple reason that many people still don't seem to grasp.

Gaming is one of the most profitable industries on this planet. I hate to be the one who needs to explain this fact over and over again to everyone non stop, frankly it is getting very tiring to fight this and I've been fighting it my whole adult life.

To ignore gaming and not recognizing it's value in 2019. and what it can do for Steem is crazy. Don't you know that a game (Splinterlands) is the best product on this blockchain. Stop ignoring gaming content and start curating!

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I think the top-earning game content creators here won’t be due to the reward pool but deals they bring in. As there is real-world value to such kinds of content. Along with just getting tips and other forms of support from their audience. There is a lot of money and traffic in the gaming industry after all.

I hope one day a gamer on our platform gets a massive deal and makes a big show out of it. In how they just earned more than most will ever from the reward pool. While pointing out they were not on Steemit’s front trending page.

As far as curating gaming content that can be a hard life if using someone else SP. I’ve seen people who just focused on gaming content go down in a ball of flames due to not finding content that was considered “amazing” and getting fired.

I use to be in a couple of curation guild and some of the best things I’ve ever read on this platform got rejected for bigger votes without much thought. It was a pain to try and find something that was “good enough” to the point I became a cold-hearted bastard and ended up never wanting to be a curator again. I was quite the ahole snob in the end and glad I got out. Shifting through 900-1.5k posts in 72-hour window and not finding anything that was “good enough” or got rejected will do that to a person.

I also knew the tiny .50 t to $1 upvotes I could get content once in a while without it needing to be approved was not doing much when someone spent $15-$60 and 30 to 60 hours of time. Besides curation can’t give someone a real audience and that is where the money is. It was sad seeing great content with 5 or more curation guilds all leaving there "you have been upvoted by X" and not a single real comment.


Gaming content creators need to go out and start building themselves up and I’m not talking about SP. Even some of the more indie games out there get more search traffic than genres that get a lot of votes here do.

It’s an amazing feeling when a game developer retweets, likes, comments or DMs you about content you made in a positive manner. Now if only more gaming content creators could start getting free games to review so they could reduce their costs and start building themselves up.


Those curation guilds experiences were surely tough to experience. I like to be my own master, to use my own SP and curate that way, it's not much but who knows maybe one day some bigger curators start to follow my curation. It is a tough job but someone's got to do it.

Steem is a different beast, our content is daily, we can't bring value to old posts without reposting them. I always considered that part of Steem experience to be lacking.

One day if possible game devs will notice some lucky bastard on Steem and start gifting him early copies, not anytime soon though. We definitely need more traffic, all correlated with price.


I like to be my own master, to use my own SP

That is the best way to do it and less time consuming as well!

Having to every time: plagiarism check, looking into earnings due to caps, check for double posting/translation, reverse image search, engagement levels, compare older content to new, voting patterns, wallet transactions, and even website/social media accounts. Along with other things regarding account history.

it's not much

It all adds up. I know when prices where high a while ago I powered down a little. Outside of fees and other costs it went 100% back into content creation. I went on a nice buying spree during the Steam winter sale. Along with picking up some games my small gaming budget would not have allowed otherwise during other times. Games are my currency and when I run out oh that’s going to suck.

Sadly this platform sees investing as in buying Steem. Not investing in building up our personal brands and our ability to produce content. Which I think is a big mistake.

Many content creators on YouTube got bigger as they reinvert the few bucks they made during their early days into making better content, getting better equipment and so forth. It would have taken them much longer to do so without a little help from their earnings.

we can't bring value to old posts without reposting them.

While we can’t get direct upvotes on older content there a few ways I go about trying to resolve that.

I don’t usually get referral sign-ups until after a post has closed. Granted it’s never a lot or I find out weeks later a games system was not working and I was getting zero credit when someone thanks for me and asks how much I got from them using a referral.

I also don’t have a lot of referrals and it’s a tough subject to think if I want to go more that route. I can get access to a couple I believe if I requested. They are just what everyone on YouTube and other places are already using so I doubt it’s worth my time.

I like to share my older reviews when a game goes on sale. Don’t matter if that post is closed. More than likely won’t get a click-though from someone with a Steem account anyways. That gives me an opportunity to build myself.

I also keep lists. I want people to learn and think beyond the 7-day cycle. If someone really wanted to support me for something I’ve done in the past they can upvote a current post, comment, or send me a few cents Steem tip.

They do need to know that content is out there and it’s not lost forever in the void. Which its sucks for content discovery currently without an insane amount of work on our ends. You can at least pin a post on Steempeak.

start gifting him early copies

I have been offered free keys they were just bad games I could not accept them with the required terms. Annie with big assets on the female character type of games. . . I have over 60 games I need to get around to as it is!

I have seen some content creators who don’t post much anymore on Steem since they got their own site or moved on elsewhere get keys from developers. They have built up a couple of thousand followers on Twitter and just ask. If it’s an indie developer they seem to be more willing as long as that person has a bit of a following.

Sadly though try telling a company you have 1,500+ followers on Steem and they just want to know Twitter, Twitch, YouTube or your “sites” monthly traffic numbers since they don’t have a clue what Steem even is or they mistake it for Steam. Ummm ya, I don’t have metrics on that.


When you consider games as a currency you can probably grab a lot of classics you missed early on for a cheap price. Freespace 2 just the other day become free, I played that game long time ago, pretty awesome space combat sim. I'm sure there are many more that will get the same treatment.

Actually one of my first ever purchases from Steem earnings went into new PC, bought it 2 years ago, still serves me well.

When we consider Steem as a whole this is brand new way of doing things on the internet, everyone will need to learn what this is before they acknowledge us I fear. I would like to see a content creator who started on Steem and branched out strongly on other platforms. Maybe only heiditravels :)

You totally stole every word from my mouth. I mean this in a good way, ofc.

I can only reply to a whole post because this all is exactly what I'm thinking.

I believe if we continue producing great content, others will realize how powerful this community can be. It's hard to grasp that a few people realize that.

You don't need to be a gamer to see the potential the gaming community can bring. This is a viral industry in the world with a lot of content creators under-rewarded and Steem could be a great place for them.

Props to everyone curating gaming tag. Respect!


I've been scrolling trough gaming tag a lot since new HF hit. I wish there are more legit gaming content creators, we definitely need more. It is gonna be interesting once the price turns around and people realize this is the place to be. And some of us arrived here many moons ago :)

@moon32walker Great points you have made here! This is why I basically went all in with my crypto to start the BattleGames tribe along with a few backers that believed in the vision. I know there's other great gaming content communities that have been creating and curating before us but I saw this as a different approach, maybe a more grass roots approach to further build the foundation of what we know is a hugely undervalued niche on the STEEM chain. We are now accepting SP delegations so we can be even stronger curators in the gaming community. Build build build my man!


I wish you guys luck, I've been using battle tag a lot, everything my posts earn I stake back. Once the price of Steem recovers I'm sure many of the gains will flow back into tribes.

You have explained everything with the exact and direct words. I really agree with 100% of what you said here. Let's hope some awareness from the people in charge, but despite this, the support of the small gaming groups is pretty good and even though we are a small group it is really strong.


Needed to do my part, I'm one of the oldest gaming posters here on Steem. It can always get better in terms of support. Remember all those posts you did in the past that made little to none, while all sorts of crap was on trending, today trending is better but I'd like to see more gaming blogs up there.

This is too true and while there are a few that curate gaming content, it is definitely not as recognised but a constantly growing field on steemit.
Splinterlands shows that lots more are interested in gaming, because even if they do it to make money, they are gaming.

So seeing more support for those writing good posts, streaming amd doing well, or making dtube videos to share their gameplay should be rewarded more accordingly.

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I've seen a lot of people saying that nonsense that gaming is worthless, I had to write something about it. It is a shame we don't have more gamer whales.

It's not something I ignore. Have been a gamer since.. forever. Getting time to play is the problem.. I spend all my damn time HERE!


Yeah, I have the same problem. Having to play new games and curating effectively is not easy.

Gaming is one of the most profitable industries on this planet. I hate to be the one who needs to explain this fact over and over again to everyone non stop, frankly it is getting very tiring to fight this and I've been fighting it my whole adult life

It's near impossible to fight this way of thinking that mostly comes from "the old generation", I think we need a change of generations for this way of thinking to change... I've been fighting it my whole life too and they never seem to get how much money esports nowadays gets, how much streamers get, youtubers get, etc...etc... it's hard for them to understand this, and even if I show them the donations they still don't believe it.

This way of thinking is very detrimental to the whole ecosystem that STEEM is building since blockchain will improve the game industry by a lot and the gaming industry will help blockchain's mass adoption by a lot too...


Tell me about it, older generations hardly ever think about these thing but they like to poke you about it even though they are completely out of the loop.

You are right! Moreover, I think games is one of tge few things that keep steem price below zero in curtent circimstances.


Without Splinterlands circumstances would surely be worse. That game brings me joy.

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All gammer reviewers should be together in one place and offer their services for content pages, there has to be another way to take advantage of that ability.

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