BESL Pro - Baltic eSport League

3년 전

The Baltic States are home to an active gaming enthusiasts community that regularly brings together dramatic brilliant victories and bitter defeats in various tournaments and games. In recent years, eSports and its municipality have continued to grow globally as one of the most popular sports and entertainment venues for the general public.

LATTELECOM, a leader in technology and innovation, together with GOEXANIMO, one of the leading organizations in the Baltic eSport life, united to create the Baltic eSport League (BESL Pro). This league will include actors from all three Baltic States providing them with a platform that not only grows, develops and demonstrates themselves at a new level of competition, but also allows them to open their way to even higher peaks on a global scale.

The first season of BESL Pro will include two disciplines (CS: GO and League of Legends) and a total prize pool of EUR 10 500. Starting from February 26, within each discipline, the top 10 Baltic teams will compete for nine weeks in four places in the final, which will take place at the Kipsala Exhibition Hall in Riga on 26-27 May at the BESL Pro EXPO.

In total, the BESL Pro competition calendar will include 3 online seasons annually, with the best teams to compete with the shoulders of the thousands at the finals of the EXPO, which will change their location every season when traveling around the Baltic States.

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