Mechanical keyboard chooser guide for gamers

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A keyboard is a device that directly affects the way a user communicates with a computer; therefore, the correct choice will have a positive effect on both performance and performance games. We are very big fans of mechanical keyboard, and in this article our partner from will explain why you choose the mechanical keyboards and help you find the right keyboards. Because, in the end, each player's arsenal must be a good weapon, and the keyboard is our weapon.


Anyone with a mechanical keypad has been asked this question by purchasing their first mechanical keyboard. After all, the keyboard is a keyboard, whether it's about 5 euros or 150 or not? But the one who has used the mechanical keyboard for some time, to change it back to the usual, the membrane, the keyboard no longer wants. Get used to good things mechanical keyboards

The main difference is the keyboard layout. There are two types of keyboards - membranes and mechanical. Most of the currently available keyboards are membrane keyboards. They are based on a plastic film (membrane), and key pressures are recorded by pushing the rubber pads on the buttons, in which the electrical conductive elements are connected to the circuit printed on the membrane. The mechanical keyboards, in turn, are characterized by the fact that under each button there is a separate, switch which consists of a spring. What does this mean and how does it affect the gaming process or work?

As each button has its own spring, pressing the button has a much more pronounced and precise pressure than the membrane keyboards, and this is not only more enjoyable in terms of feelings, but it also has an objective benefit.

First of all, feelings. Depending on the type of switch (described in the next section), each one has its own unique feel, but they all share the same thing that typing with these keypads is a joy to your fingers. The Cherry MX Blue, whose loud and creepy clicks will satisfy the pressure of each button, or maybe still MX Red, whose light and smooth pressure will make your fingers feel like the clouds? Each user will be able to find the closest switch and Capital stores can try all three of these Cherry MX variants.

In turn, looking at the practical side, the mechanical keyboard pressures will always be specific and uniform. Press whatever you want, but pressing the button will always require exactly the same force as the previous pressure, as opposed to the membrane keypads, which need to be pressed more forcefully than the buttons pushed straight forward when pressing from an angle. And, as the button pressures are predictable and constant, it's easier for fingers to get used to the keyboard and after a short time they will be able to write with a mechanical keyboard much faster than the membrane keypad.

Why choose mechanical keyboards?

The key mechanism is also more durable and quality than the membrane keyboards and, according to Cherry, their switches are designed for at least 50 million pressures. For mechanical keyboards, the price is higher than the membrane keyboards from the beginning, but in the long run their purchase pays off - both monetary and emotional.

So, briefly - Five reasons to choose mechanical keyboards:

  • Expression of pressure and sound
  • Different switches for every taste
  • Exact and predictable pressure
  • A more qualitative and durable mechanism
  • Faster and more convenient when writing and playing games



Before examining the differences between keypad models, you first need to select the desired switch. This choice is very important because the difference between the switches is significant; Each tile and habits have their own switch. The world-famous maker of mechanical switches is the German company Cherry. Their shutters can be found on almost all of the most popular mechanical keyboards, as customers are fond of MX's feelings and German quality.

Which switch to choose?

The Cherry MX series has several types of switches, but among them the three most popular are MX Blue, Red and Brown, each of which represents a philosophy of its own.

The Cherry MX Blue is the loudest and most sophisticated switch. It both sounds and feel resembles a typewriter, because each button pressures are felt and heard a strong click. This click is felt at the moment when the button is activated and the computer hear its pressure, so this switch is great for those who write or program, because due to this click, the number of randomly pressed keys decreases significantly and the amount of errors accordingly. Most professional RTS (real-time strategy) players use the MX Blue switch directly.

Cherry MX Red is the so-called linear switch, which, unlike Blue, has no clicks. The push of the button is completely smooth and with no apparent sensation - the switch will go all the way under a very light pressure. Therefore, the button can be pressed faster, making it great for games where the button should be pressed several times in succession, such as rhythm or first-person shooter (FPS) games. The variation is also available for this switch - the Cherry MX Black, which has a firmer spring than Red, and needs more power to push it.

Cherry MX Brown is an excellent compromise between the Blue and Red switches because it does not have a click like Blue, but, unlike the linear Red switch, it still offers a light touch of feedback. When writing documents and playing games on the keyboard, the MX Brown combines the best of both switches. It is also the best switch in the office environment, because, like the MX Blue, it offers a clear feel with every pressure, but it does not disturb cousins ​​with loud clicks.

Although the Cherry switches are the most popular, this does not mean that they are the only ones - mechanical keyboard switches are also manufactured by several other companies. Brands like Razer or SteelSeries offer self-developed switches to stand out on the background of the rest of the keyboard.

The Razer Green mechanical switch, both in terms of feelings and technology, is very similar to the Cherry MX Blue variant - it also has a pronounced and noisy click, but the main difference from MX Blue is its activation point, which sends a signal to the computer, with a lot of short pressures, which means that pressing a button requires less pressure - it can be pressed faster accordingly.

SteelSeries QS1 is the company's own designed switch that, like the MX Red, is also a linear switch, but it was created right from the start for gaming. The main difference between this switch and the MX Red is the keystroke, which is shorter in QS1, and in sense of sense it is very similar to a high quality membrane keypad. QS1 will appeal to those who are accustomed to laptops or Apple's keyboards.

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