LEAGUE OF LEGENDS - Should you play Ahri?

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Welcome back Summoners! My summoner name is perfecthokage and i have always enjoyed playing League of Legends. A friend of mine introduced me to this game during mid-season 3 and now it’s season 7. Having never played any MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games before till League, at that time, the naive me thought myself was good and went for rank in late season 3. You guessed it, i was eventually placed in bronze, KAPPA. Meta changes, champions reworked, graphics improved, players come and go but the fundamentals of Summoners’ rift will prevail forever. This is my second post on the Steemit community, hope to have more posts in the future! Enjoy the content!

Small disclaimer: The game knowledge that i shared are just my thoughts and opinions. They are not facts but more of what i personally deep down feel, so if it does not works for you, it’s alright i respect that.

The main issue i will be addressing today is Should you play Ahri? If you have been playing league for quite some time, you will notice this 9 fox-tailed champion constantly dashing in and out of teamfights and charming your carries at critical moments. DAMNNN , all the havoc this little fox can create.

Watch my latest video and you will see 7 wonders of the world AHRI can offers you.
Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjJkZwkRyXk84Yrmqy-AM6w

Let me give you a brief walk-through about Ahri’s kit and why i like her.

True damage on her second q when orb returning back to her. Her q is not a target cast ability which means that multiple targets can be hit by that TRUE DAMAGE Q. How broken is that? AND it has a really longe range of 880. Take that into perspective, most ranged champions has an attack range of only maximum 600, and then this little fox just start doing true damage to you before you even get to her .. damnn .. i know what you are thinking ..

(Ahri's Q)

(Ahri's Ultimate)

Insane mobility on her ult which can be cast up to 3 times in 10 seconds. Her ult is not a target dash form of mobility , is a free source dash similar to a skillshot and its range is 450. Let me help you see better. Flash range is only 425 and has a cd (cooldown) of 300 seconds while Ahri’s ult has further range and lower cd, so why not? Furthermore, having your ult up mean that is is almost very hard for the enemy jungler or laner to kill you as unless they burst you down so fast before you ult or they chain-CCed. ( crowd control ) you. And you can use your mobility to get into blind spots or sweet spots to ambush them. HEYY heyyy , i just forget to add in Ahri still gain decaying move speed after her q. This mobility means that you can choose when you want to fight and run, it is your choice, you decide it.


Good waveclear. Somehow over the years i have played midlane, the game has shifted the wave clearing responsibility to midlaners. OH WELL, i guess spells clear wave faster than autoattacks. So her good wave clear comes mainly from her q which was discussed in my first point. Having good waveclear means that your team is not vulnerable to seigeing such as when enemy have baron or when they are trying to get your turret.

(This is what seigeing looks like, enemies grouping up for your turrets)

Have a crowd control ability which is her charm. This charm is the start of all the troubles. This charm is irresistible, once the enemy gets CHARMED, they will just walk involuntarily a short distance towards you, making your other skillshots so much easy to land. This skillshot is where you used it to start something huge, such as wanting to land all your other spells or setting up a gank, or freeing your allies from a cc such as Malzahar’s Ult.

(Ahri's charm)

Good sustain. Her passive heals Ahri up whenever a certain number of spell stacks is hit. So if you like trading in lane and often gets chunked (low in health) , this passive will keep you in a better shape than ever.

(Ahri's passive)

Alright now, i think you are ready for the harsh truth, the price that comes along with all these benefits. Ahri, this little fox main spells revolves around her q = orb and e = charm which are both skillshots. So if you hit these 2 skillshots, you do a ton loads LOADS of damage. If you are bad at skillshots, i recommend not picking up Ahri. Or at least practice more with her. Alright now get out into the rift , AND CHARM THOSE PUSSIES OUT OF THEIR BOOTS. Have fun! :D

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Really nice post man, very detailed! Good job, follow is there! What div are you at this moment ? And on which Server do you play?
Keep on going, would love to build up a small League community on Steem!



@ alligatooo yeah i would love to build a league community also , finding people that play league together, i am currently plat 3 in Sea server (A server in south east asia)

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