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After the Detroit Invasions for the first time last night and starting to play again for the second time, I can say that this is an exciting experience of 2018 and clear all my doubts about the success of the game.

The first review of this game is about graphics: This is one of the most impressive graphics products of 2018 not only in the adventure game puzzle. Although most of the game segments are based on motion capture, the manufacturer does a great job of rewriting a Detroit of the future, alive, unfamiliar and still familiar.

The design style of the man, the way to use colors, etc. is always astonishingly close to the context. On the emotional expression, motion as mentioned above is done by motion capture and smooth to the wonderful, this is really a difficult job with a game structure with diverse and complex as Detroit Become Human but they still do.



I do not talk much about sound, music or dialogue, but the game has done a great job. The most praiseworthy part is the dialogue that really captivates the players, making them enter the character and sometimes I can only say I love the voice of each character. The soundtrack is very good and suitable for the context, but it still lacks the main theme and the most memorable one, which should be with a title like this.

In terms of gameplay, Detroit Become Human still follows Quantic Dream's original style of QTE and game options. However, the game has expanded these options and its impact on the game. With three main characters and dozens of closely related characters, each of your choices is now a real psychological burden as you can not be sure that it affects the plot of the two characters. the rest or people close to them.

The level of alignment of these options is tight and is much more complex than the old Quantic Dream game titles and even the current product category. If I were to choose, I would like to play the character of Connor because it is the most invested character in this area with more difficult decisions, sometimes more stressful and challenging than Kara, Markus.


In the story, you can associate the game with a bit of color, such as Blade Runner, Artificial Intelligence or Ex Machina, but still have their own shades. Detroit Become Human is a journey with many questions between humanity, freedom, or order, machinery. You can make the game's story from a detective movie, acting as a psychological movie about your ego-seekers, all depending on your decision.

Although not fully explored all the scripts of the game but generally I appreciate the plot of Detroit Become Human because it creates the empathy and ask questions deep inside the player, What is good, what is bad? Is this person's happiness the misfortune of the other? etc. Whatever your decision is, you will eventually have to think about it.
The game also installs a number of plot twist is very interesting, but of course you have to unlock them through the selection of characters so many times that the plot twist that will not exist your turn (I think). It is a pity that they will make the plot become much more attractive.


About time, this is the most interested thing. The game takes an average of 7 to 8 hours, depending on where you go to review the game screen to where. The length of the game is not too long but it is enough with this type of puzzle adventure game.

However, due to the variety of texture, your choice, you will need to play Detroit Become Human about 3-4 times (can also play from a certain chapter if you do not want to go back to the beginning) so I guess Time to really explore what the game brought to fall to more than 30 hours. And do not worry, each direction will bring a different storyline completely new, not repeat boring at all.

In short, Detroit Become Human is still a game not for everyone. If you like adventure games with all the options and QTE like this is a game you should not miss. But if not then I think you should still experience it when there are strong sales or free donations on PS +.


You can look at Detroit: Become Human as a combination of classic adventure genre with memorable storyline, great acting, and very beautiful graphics, and synthesized here. Definitely a very successful experience.

While Detroit: Become Human is Quantic Dream's quintessential game, it is the meticulously rich addition and meticulous care that will make it easy for anyone, The "audience" of this genre is also interested in the game, "- quoted from DualShockers.


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Areajugones - 9.5/10.
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Post Arcade (National Post) - 9.5/10.
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DualShockers - 9/10.
GamesRadar+ - 9/10.

Overview: Metacritic: 80/100.

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