The Bullet Hell 'Enter the Gungeon' | I Can Avoid the Bullets, But Can't Avoid Writing a Post About it

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4 different guns in my pocket and they were all running out of ammo. Just a little bit more and the great Dragun will be vanquished. The only thing that could save me was the superhuman reflex to dodge the crazy amount of bullets filling up my screen. Good thing I had a gun that can deflect bullets, the Great Dragun didn't stand a chance against my bullet-deflecting lightsaber rifle. And that was how the Dragun met its demise.

It's been a while since the last time I played a game, let alone review one. What triggered my impulse to write one again, is this particularly goofy bullet hell game that I've got quite a while ago.

Enter the Gungeon let you choose from 8 gungeoneers—4 of which are secret characters that must first be found—each with their own set of starting weapons and special abilities that are very crucial for your gungeoning. With no levelling system, you will you run, dodge, and gun down everything on your path in the procedurally generated gungeons filled with guns, creatively designed enemies, more guns, bullets, and even more guns.

The Gunplay. You're Gunna Love It!

8 characters, 2 starting items, and a whole lot of guns. Make your way through the 5 main levels of the gungeons and find more guns and utility items along the way, and several secret gungeons. This game may be all about gun, but you're not going to simply 'run n gun'.

Oh no. The game won't let you play that way until you're balls deep in boredom within 5 minutes, as rolling is not simply dodging bullets, because you might acquire items that'll make you reload by rolling, slow-mo by rolling, shoot by rolling, even throw bombs by rolling. 

These little extra blasts that the devs put on a simple movement add hours-long addiction to that specific ability which made me can't help but think what a good idea that I never expected to be so good that is.

When I said creatively-designed enemies, I didn't mean the appearance only, but also the attack patterns and how they are programmed to be able to outwit you or at least try to. Need some cover? Flip those tables and hide behind them. Cool, right? Wanna know what's cooler, though? The enemies can do that too. If you think that's neat, wait until you ragequitted when one a-hole tricks you into rolling toward his bullet.

From the regular stuff like Thompson and AK-47, to laser rifles alike, to the obvious Mega Man's Mega Buster, Doom's BFG, and Super Meat Boy gun, to literal joke like the Microtransaction Gun, a direct mock to EA Games. Shots fired. 

When I thought the buttload of weapon choices is the main aspect of what makes Enter the Gungeon fun, I was proven wrong by the NPCs I met along the way.

The Goofy Design

As you roll and gun your way into the gungeon to "kill the past" of your chosen gungeoneer, you'll encounter many NPCs that you can interact with, rescue, and even play mini-games with.

These NPCs will be available in the safe area called the Breach, a castle-looking building which I presume a reference to the castle in the old Ninja Gaiden main menu. They can sell guns and provide unique gungeoning experience that extends the game's replayability.

Okay, I said guns like 50 times already, I should stop joking, right? Except I'm not. EVERYTHING about this game is GUN. You play as a gungeoneer, entering the gungeon where you'll come across a mage called Gunjurer, who bring skeleton minions called Shelleton, that you must defeat to get to the boss room where you'll fight a giant snake with guns attached to its body. Guess what it's called? Ammoconda. Then pull out your paper-crafted gun from Japan called Origuni.

"A good cardboard box is a soldier's best friend, having one handy can mean the difference between life and death."

And if you think those are amusing, you're going to like what the items have to say in their flavour texts. They don't sound like they were written deliberately to seek originality, but more like written by some dorky movie enthusiast who game a lot that actually wants to tell a joke. 

Is it Good?

If you like an absolutely fun roguelike bullet hell and expect Enter the Gungeon will give you that, it'll give you more than simply dodging bullets. The only downside for me is the story that is not so engaging--maybe not at all--but they are a good enough piece of the brick that builds the whole reason why these characters delve into the fast bullet hell journey.

Quirky game filled with guns as quirky as the NPCs, crazy bullet hell, secrets and unlockables that makes you want to come back for more, catchy soundtrack, and out of control references. This game is absolutely recommended, if you ask me, especially for those who love roguelikes and bullet hells. So grab your referential BFG, prepare your reflexes, and enter the gungeon! 

Thanks for your time to read my review, and also thanks a bunch to @ahmadmanga for the game. I’ll see you on the next one! 

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Sounds like one of those games where the storyline was just thrown in to provide an excuse for the rest of the game 🤣 as long as it’s an enjoyable experience and it sounds like you had/are having a bit too much fun with this one 😆


Yeah, I don't know if the devs even tried, or it was made that way as intended. The concept is so interesting, we go to the past and fix the characters' mistakes. But they're only like, 1 sequence 2 minutes-long cutscenes and done. The end. Credit roll. XD

I played this months ago, but never finished the post. Better late than never.

Looks good! It can be seen what has been done with the soul.


...Thanks! It is a good game indeed

Was there a particular gun you were gunning for? 😁
Seems like a game as crazy as a hungry gundark! 😁 (Gundarks are from the Star Wars universe if ever you didn't know hehe.)
So now that you've played and reviewed this game, which one you gunna try next? 😂

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Those puns... you better take them back or aim gunna get triggered. I may seem like a cool guy but beneath this tough shell I have a Scar that I don't want to have to deal with again, AK?
Oh and no, I didn't know about the Star Wars reference (sorry). I suppose I have to widen the scope of my pop culture knowledge.

I've been having a blast with this one, and the next one will be Moonlighter. I hope Moonlighter revolver-round some cool and engaging mechanic like this one. It'd be a shame if it turns out blows...


Exalt the worthy Lord of Puns. So many of them, I'm gun with the wind.

I never heard of this game but seeing that sprite patting the dog it looks like a 10/10 game

Also new game: Take a shot(ba dum tss) everytime you say gun in the post//no