My three favorite Java games for old mobiles

3년 전
I remember those times when there were not exist Smartphones and we had those gadgets that although they see simple at the moment, they were the best of the moment, the old cell phones. Throughout my childhood I had several in my hands, and although I could not play games, I loved them. Long time passed when I had one cellphone that I could integrate Java applications, and as any child would do, I went crazy and downloaded everything I saw; those great periods made me play many deliveries so today I will share the 4 Java games that I loved the most.

To say that I liked it is not enough since, in fact, the number of occasions in which I spent the whole day solving the riddles to find the keys and diamonds, was fascinating and unforgettable for me. Basically the game consists of an explorer who immerses himself in various temples and castles to get the big booty, the diamonds. With comfortable controls and guaranteed difficulty, it is a game that I recommend.

Is there anything better than being an astute hamster ?, In this entertaining and colorful game, we will be a rodent that has the mission to fight the rats and rebuild the beautiful hamster mansion from the various contraptions that their eternal enemies stole. This game I will always love, haha, because despite the simplicity of the story, the gameplay for me was so good that it was addictive.

And the best of all, Bomberman. Whoever has not played it does not know what is being lost because with simple mechanics, it can provide hours and hours of fun. Counting on its classic mode in which we have to find the exit hidden in the bricks that we must explode with the main contraption, it does not get boring since we can select the Vs mode (eliminate the opponents)

Although it cost me a lot to choose the best Java games for me, I honestly could not forget this great game of my childhood that just by seeing the colors and the main creature, they fill me with happiness and tenderness. Undoubtedly, honorific. For those who do not know, the game consists in the elimination of all the enemies of the map with the ability of the protagonist to keep them in bubbles. This may seem easy and surmountable, however, in higher levels it is quite challenging.

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Hah! Right, Java games - that brings back school days instantly! Bubble Bobble was the thing back then! Thanks for sharing!
I've actually been doing some "historical" gaming posts lately, covering noteworthy games released in certain years (recently two about 93 and 2000) but somehow the very existence of these old games somehow slipped through my attention, would be awesome to see some more about it

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