Pepsi official mascot game: PEPSIMAN (Review Ps1)

3년 전

Hi friends, today I come with a game that beyond being entertaining, is unusual, since it integrates the famous Pepsi brand with its iconic mascot, Pepsiman, a muscular man without factions that goes around the world giving him a good drink to anyone who needs it.

This game was very iconic for me in childhood, haha, since I played it with my sisters never forgetting some candies to enjoy in the process.


Actually there is not much to mention about it since it does not highlight the story at all but the playability of it. Pepsiman video game was launched in 1999 for the Playstation console in which the striking character must reach a Pepsi vending machine or a person who needs a drink, dodging the various dangers and objects that cross the road.


It is a fairly simple video game in which we must move forward and move forward without losing all the lives that we have available.

The character runs alone and we must go to the right or left, jump or bend according to the obstacle that arrives, avoid being run over you! We can only make mistakes three times
if you lose, lost a life is and we will appear at the checkpoint.

The places we will explore are very diverse, from busy streets, waste areas to impressive anarchist areas, nobody can stay without their Pepsi !.

In the maps we will see scattered beverages that we must take if possible since in a certain number it gives us lives and they are counted at the end of the mission.

Video game is a challenge and in many times complicated, nevertheless, it is a great delivery of the past that should not be forgotten.


Spanish version


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Yes!! Pepsi man! I have many fond memories playing this game!! Instant %100 upvote!!!

The places we will explore are very diverse, from busy streets, waste areas to impressive anarchist areas, nobody can stay without their Pepsi !

I agree, the unique feel each area gave off is one of the reasons I don't consider this game a lazy runner game.


Yes!, it's totally great that it has the same mechanics but with each area it becomes a unique experience. Thank you for comment :)