The Sims: A world full of possibilities (Review)

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Hi friends, once I made the publication of SimCity Creator for Wii, I got a huge desire to play the Sims 1, a game that generated a huge addiction me when I was little because the possibilities were endless!.

I commented that I did not know that the game experience was twice as great with the expansions that can be added, and after so many years, once again the game managed to seduce me, haha.


The Sims, is a series of social simulation Videogames developed by Maxis in which we will control a series of characters (selected or created) that we must maintain a healthy habit and make them grow both in the workplace and social to be a whole person successful
In the game, we must keep all it's basic needs at the top to survive, perform different tasks to improve and of course, not die of hunger, depression or any other possible condition.

The Sims 1, although it seems a long time, is the first installment of this successful series launchedin in the year 2000 , which impressed everyone for its realism and simulation of the activities that each of us performs daily.

Bathing, sleeping, eating, playing and talking is little that can be done, the Sims is a world full of possibilities


Initially we will start like any human being (or some): enthusiastic, unemployed, with little money and a moderately acceptable rental house to start and buy WHAT IS NECESSARY. As a conscious person, the first step will be to get a job and get the cheapest items or objects to save, grow and have money to eat (yes, when serving or eating we need to spend between 5-10 and $ 20). Emphasizing the fact that we will not initially have the most expensive, the difference between the two categories is more relevant than it seems, since besides being the most beautiful, it is also the most comfortable and what fills the needs faster energy and hygiene.

Sin títulojjj.png


In game we will have a good number of jobs to select, ranging from the business of crime (starting as a shoplifter) to the scientific profession that begins as a rat of experiments.
Unlike other more advanced Sims (like the 3), you do not have a day off, all the time at a specific time a car or transport comes to pick you up so that you can fulfill your working day, yes, it's your choice if you go or not since taking a day off is not bad but if it becomes a habit or you lose transport for two days in a row, you are out.

By taking your Sims to work, technically you should not do anything, just you wait until your work schedule ends so that you can again take control, meet it's needs and improve something very important, it's capabilities.

Each workplace has its demands, so if you want to promote (to generate more income) and earn extra bonuses, in addition to the ''sim'' have a good mood we must also improve their talents or virtues such as logic, creativity and charisma that is achieved with certain objects that you can buy such as telescopes, libraries, mirrors and machines.
Sin títulojjj.png

In higher positions they also demand to have a certain amount of friendships that you must maintain.


I can not forget something quite striking about the game, the cleanliness and order of the home. Just as we must cook and not cause a fire because of the lack of skill, we must also keep our environment clean so that it does not influence. Every detail counts to make it perfect: fixing the beds, cleaning the dishes, bathing and preventing a downpour from forming due to a failure of the objects are things that we should be aware of that can be solved if you have money (hiring a mechanic or a housekeeper) or simply the old way, doing it yourself.
Sin títulojjj.png


Without much to mention, the gameplay is quite comfortable and intutitive. Without having to walk directly with the arrow keys of the keyboard, with the mouse we can establish sequential orders for the Sim to move and perform the actions we want at the moment.
We can zoom in, zoom out, change the perspective or angle of the map and even appear and disappear the walls so that the experience becomes more fun and simple depending on the player.
Basically everything is done with the mouse since everything is present on the screen (buttons and actions are used in a matter of a click), however, we can use some very useful keyboard shortcuts like the one I always use that allows to change the speed with which time passes.


Already explaining the basics of the game, now I will express how the game changes with the expansions.

Honestly I never thought that it would change too much with such expansions, however, it really widens the fun and possibilities not only in the amount of objects that can be acquired but in the spaces that can explore with a Taxi (without expansions This option is not available).

Many options included in the expansions allow a greater ease to obtain varied and convenient friendships for our growth, being able to invite them to enjoy a good dinner or a fun party with pool, cake and chicken.

A very curious expansion for me is that of super star, since in addition to being able to meet and ask autographs of the most sought-after celebrities of the moment, we can also become one! The medium of entertainment is very complex, so you have to have great skills in creativity and a lot of time to spend on the sim.


Here is a list of some things we can do with the different expansions that can be added to the game:

  • Adopt pets, take care of them and buy them objects.

  • Buy exclusive clothing and accessories for our sims

Sin títulojjj.png


  • Do parties and visit varied and tourist places

  • Be famous

  • Have more faces and outfits to select when creating our sim.

  • More and better houses to buy and prosper.

  • More objects, wallpaper and floors to personalize.

A game so simple (and complex at the same time), which makes it essential and fun to enjoy for all its qualities.


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