Consequences of playing with time; Life is Strange - Review

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Hello Steemit friends and community of players, this time I will talk about a very peculiar game that I wanted to share with you for its history and gameplay.

This is Life Is Strange, a game where decisions will take control of everything that will happen and your development in history, this game will be composed of 5 episodes full of intrigue, mystery and adrenaline of what may happen.

First it was a game distributed by the company of Square Enix and developed by Dontnod Entertainment, being thus available to play it in different videogame consoles like the PlayStation 4 and 3, the Xbox One, iOs Xbox 360 and finally available for the Microsoft Windows by what is not to be alarmed if we do not have any of the consoles already named.

Life Is Strange will show us many themes to keep in mind where nothing is what it seems and how a normal girl's life changes suddenly, without a doubt it combines a narrative plot with a gameplay good enough so that the player does not lose interest in him , as often happens with other games, touching on topics such as bullying, harassment, suicide and especially friendship that I think is one of the most based.


The story will focus on Max Caulfield, a photography student at the Blackwell Academy, located in a fictional city in Oregon, everything will start when our main character during a class has a vision of a lighthouse that is destroyed by a hurricane, when returning in itself does not give much importance and at the end of the class we will go to the bathroom of the institute where we will witness a death, when this happens Max will develop the power to rewind (delay) the time, returning again to the starting point, the class of Professor Mark Jefferson.

After this event we will have the mission to save this girl who was killed in the bathroom to change her future, being her best childhood friend Chloe Price, after this both will unite to discover the truth of the disappearance of a companion called Rachel Amber, also to unmask Nathan Prescott the student who killed Chloe before Max rewound the time, which seems almost impossible since Nathan moved everything with his multimillion-dollar family.


After obtaining the power to rewind the time Max will manage to change and adjust the past according to the decisions that we are taking in the game thus causing a butterfly effect.

We can change the flow of conversations we have until we get the one that best suits us, as well as actions that depending could give us both a negative and a positive result.

Each action could take you great consequences so we will have to be very attentive of what we choose.

The great theory of the butterfly effect we can see quite reflected in chapter 3 of the game where we can blur a great misfortune that we can not stop or rewind time since everything will flow according to our decisions in the previous chapters, as on the other hand something very positive could come out of everything.

In Life is Strange we will see how great it could be to delay time and likewise all its consequences when everything starts to get out of control.

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Regarding the game mode despite being something simple is very entertaining because it is not the typical game where we have to battle with a weapon, but rather the search for objects and research documents so that everything fits as it should be.

We must decipher riddles, passwords, documents, where we need to pay close attention, despite not having such a high difficulty, the different riddles that will appear as we play will have a difficulty enough to stop for a while.


In this story we will find so many characters with whom we can socialize that I find it impossible not to name several of these, among them are:

Max Caulfield:

She will be our protagonist of the game and our character in the course of this fantastic story, Max is an aspiring photographer and dreams of one day being a professional photographer, as far as her personality is concerned she can be noticed that she is quite shy but she is sure of what he wants, being quite reasonable and intelligent.

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Warren Graham:

It will be one of the closest friends of Max in this game, being quite heroic and protective with Max, in the game we can notice that Warren is a fan of movies and horror articles, lover of science, turns out to be a pretty person friendly but somewhat insecure and shy.

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Chloe Price:

She is Max's childhood friend, after the death of her father she became a very rebellious and extroverted person, being a rock and punk girl, something that can be demonstrated with her physical appearance, she is quite carefree with what he does and he loves to take risks.

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Kate Marsh

She is a very insecure and timid person, she is quite religious so she is very conservative about sexual matters, she seems to suffer bullyng in the academy, although she is friendly and kind.

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Nathan Prescott:

Being one of the main antagonists of the game, apparently it is involved with the sale of drugs in the Blackwell institution, as it belongs to one of the most influential families and a millionaire owns a large part of the city, so it always passes over the law.

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This game will not only stand out in its fantastic story but also in its very detailed and beautiful graphics that are seen in 3d, thus having very rewarding scenarios, we can observe everything in 3rd person in a great way really this is one of your points Favors

Without leaving behind the soundtracks that were present at every moment of the game, it is something that I must highlight since this makes us enter more into the plot of the game.

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It really is a fantastic game that we should give an opportunity, it is a graphic adventure full of decisions to make, making you think many times about everything.

I came to think that the game has more drama and movement than my own life hahaha.

There are not many points against the game, I guess my only complaint is that I would have liked that in the game we could customize our character "Max" because if we really have control of each of the things, I think I would have given it a touch better, since I am disappointed to see our character with the same clothes always, except for a part where Chloe lends Rachel's clothes (the missing girl).

I loved the fact that I had the freedom to talk with all the characters you wanted, as well as the amount of objects you could interact with that is fantastic.

I know that this is not the style of many game people, but without a doubt, with this great story, I do not think it should be lost.

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seems to be quite entertaining for those who like this type of video game and especially women, personally I like this system of decisions in the games as they change the course of the story, I also agree with your conclusion; It would have been a great point in favor that the characters could be more personalized, great revision :)


Thanks for your comment, I could not let this game go by with all the wonderful things that it shows us in just 5 chapters. Regards:)

You should make the version in English. I am not sure did you google translate it from Spanish or not. Secondly, you should not add scentence by putting comma and making it too long. It loses the meaning of a sentence and become hard for reader concentrate what you want to say. It seemed fine review but I couldnt finish reading as I became so complicated because of your sentence formations.


Thank you for taking the time to see my publication, I really find it difficult to translate the publications and I do everything possible for the reader to understand, I will take your suggestion into account for my next post. Regards:)

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