Discover Mikoto's secret in: Mikoto nikki - (Analysis)

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Hello friends of Steemit this time I will talk about another RPG Maker that I liked, it is Mikoto Nikki a game created by Charon that despite being simple enough will fulfill the function of entertaining the player. Therefore, I will briefly review what it is about.

Emphasizing that this is the 3rd rpg of the same author that I play and I think it is the one I liked the most in terms of gameplay, because while in another it was like a visual novel where you only saw what was happening, compared to this you have a little more freedom, since we will have to investigate and search every newspaper to get to the truth.

The story will focus on a high school boy named Matarou, who will declare his feelings to the girl of his dreams Mikoto, by doing this, it seems that he will not be rejected and Mikoto invites him to his house, once there we will begin to investigate this house and we will realize that Mikoto is not what she seems to be and that this popular girl suffers more than what she sees inside her.

That is where it will depend on us whether to help or flee.

It is a fairly linear game with respect to what you have to do but it is still fun, while there are games that can take you days to pass, this will only take you an hour to complete.

I know that many will be disappointed to know that it is such a short game, at least I can say that at the beginning, when I played such a short game, I also thought something like "it does not make sense", but I really managed to capture all my attention in that short time and that was what made me change my mind, since I had a great time. But it left me wanting more

Mikoto nikki will consist of 3 endings that will depend on the decisions we make at the end, these will be divided into two bad ones and the real ending, you decide which one to stay with.

On the other hand the story may be something simple but fun and intriguing in turn with all this mystery about Mikoto and why a girl so popular and loved suffers so much.

Go ahead and discover Mikoto's secret in this game of suspense and horror.

The two images without a source are of my authority captured in the game.


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