Dancing Line - The Abyss (Fanmade) (Download on DL2 Discord)

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Hi guys, enjoy this fanmade level. For download, please join Dancing Line Discord or Dancing Line 2 Discord servers. Enjoy.


Hai guys, enjoy fanmade ini. Untuk mendownloadnya silahkan bergabung ke server discord Dancing Line Discord atau Dancing Line 2 Discord. Enjoy.

Level Name : The Abyss

Song Name : The Abyss of Secrets

Composer : Azure (Dancing Line videos Channel)

Intro Song : Vega Strike - News 1

Outro Song : Thrive - 'Vireo' - Thrive Main Theme v8 (CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported) (By Oliver Lugg a.k.a Oliveriver)

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Join to Dancing Line Official Discord here, https://discord.gg/dCWABvC. This server is owned by Azure.

Join Thrive Community and let's help this Thrive game growth here https://discord.gg/ECR9E8x.

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