StarCraft II will be free in the middle of the month

4년 전
in gaming

November 14, Blizzard will forever open free access to the first story campaign and ranked multiplayer.


You can go through a single campaign Wings of Liberty in the free version of the famous strategy. Also there will be an opportunity to play for any commander up to the fifth level in a joint mode.

Ranked competitive multiplayer will be free. Players will have access to units from all three versions of StarCraft II, but the mode will have to be unlocked, gaining 10 wins per day in a normal game with live users or a computer. So the developers want to "preserve the quality and integrity of the rank game."


Those who have already bought the edition of Wings of Liberty, will receive a free supplement Heart of the Swarm.

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Awesome, i recently played through this, well about a year ago, but its good to see that the support is there for good competitive play. lets just hope they play nice with the gamers.

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Awesome news, will be sure to try it out. Nothing beats free :P

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Thanks For Your Good Info.

12 supply ling rush all day

Hell, it's about time! ;)

Reading this made me so happy pvp is going to be free..

That is good news for gamer

Starcrafts an awesome game. Hopefully by opening it up like this it will drive new interest

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Love playing this kind of game but my skill suck.
So I didn't buy the game.
I'm glad that now part of it is free.
Can't wait :)

Very nice post

great content!