Retro or outdated?

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Are old games retro or outdated? I know every video game that is not up to the best graphical capabilities of the existing hardware is outdated, but although it seems to apply to every old game, sometimes we consider some games retro and other outdated, why is that?


It all comes down to how good is the game
We use the term retro games to the good games on the older consoles, my position in this is that 10 years have to pass for it to qualify, but we can all agree or disagree on that for example, a game we all consider retro is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the N64, graphics are old enough to be distinguishable from new games but they still look good and also the game is superb one of the best games ever.


So, if the game is not good is outdated?
Well pretty much but there are also people might consider retro games since they are good but I think they are in fact outdated, in a specific case there are games like Star Fox for the SNES it is a game I can say felt outdated, not only because there is a better game like the N64 one which is genuinely retro, but its graphics are not appealing at all, I'm sure at its time was a technological masterpiece to see 3D shapes on the screen but it just doesn't hold up. Another example of this is Virtua Fighter, my point with this is good games can also be outdated it just a matter if the game holds up, if passes the test of time if the game comes out and still looks and feels good then we can call it retro.


What do you think about retro vs outdated?

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Some games age well and are as such timeless, mostly the ones that depended more on gameplay than graphics in the first place.

Others..well.. don't ;-)

Yea, this mainly depends on the formula behind the game, games that depend only on modern system's capabilities will become outdated for sure, same as the systems they were designed for.
There are however games that have a genuinely good idea and an excellent implementation of that idea, those games will always be good no matter what you play them on or when!