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I have been playing retro games for about a month now and, while they are fun, I think it is worth to talk about more modern but not so talked about games made by independent developers, today marks the Rogue Indie Gaming section with "Papers, please" a game released in 2013 by Lucas Pope.


Some footage of my gameplay

You are a citizen Arstotzka who has been selected to work in the border to decide who enters your country and who doesn't so you can provide housing, food and good condition to your family.


Graphics aren't the thing you are looking for if you play this game, it looks like a game in the Super Nintendo (SNES) and if you judge it like that then it has good to great graphics, a lot of things lack detail but it has enough graphics to be playable and enjoyable.


Intro music and between level music is great, it does give you a feeling of military oppresion like the people who live there, there is no music when playing but it is the perfect time to put in your best music. Sound effects are nice also, although when people speak there is nothing recognizable which I don't like that much, it doesn't sound annoying also.

This is where this game excels, this game might be the best border inspector simulator, you have to verify information in the passports and other papers people going through have to show because regulations change daily when information doesn't match you have to point out the discrepancy, interrogate the suspect and arrest if necessary. There are 20 endings and have different story arcs, it is fun to do something just to see what happens.


This is a game I surely recommend, it is on steam for about 10 USD and it's worth every cent. You will have hours of fun playing this one, it has that factor that can't be explained that is simply just fun to play it. I hope you like this first segment on independent developers if you want more indie games to be looked here let me know.


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This is actually a really awesome game, makes you think hard!