[Rogue Retro Gaming] Cruis'n USA (N64)

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My favourite console is the N64, that's why a lot of these reviews are about games on the console, and as such today I'm going to look into a game which is not too great but I found it pretty enjoyable as a kid, a racing game called Cruis'n USA, that was released by Nintendo in 1996.

cruisi'n usa.jpg

Some footage of my gameplay

There is no plot here, race to your hearth contents all over the USA!

cruisi'n usa.jpg

They are polygon base just like many N64 games, cars aren't that bad detailed although there are better-looking games in the system, where I think this game excels is in the backgrounds since they are great for setting the atmosphere and although they tend to repeat they just do it like 2 or 3 times per race, enough to not the annoyed by them.

cruisi'n usa.jpg

While sound effects are OK, music is not so great, tracks have only 3 or 4 songs that loops and I feel like in this regard the theme of USA should be more exploited and music in every track should be a style that is associated with the state the race is taken place off and not just some generic music.

It is a racing game, but unlike other racing games on the N64, you accelerate with the "z" button which I fund to be kinda awkward. The game is fun but you need some time to adjust because the moment you steer to the left or right a bit, the car goes flying into that direction and it's easy to lose control of it. The game would be more challenging if the A. I. would have been better but if you play with another person it is so much fun.

cruisi'n usa.jpg

The game is pretty fun, and I recommend you to give it a shot, is not the best racing game ever but it is one you can play for a few hours, just use your own music. There are ports of this game into the Wii virtual console you can play it that way.


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