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Today we are going to talk about our second adventure game Gold Rush! for the PC, released by Sierra On-Line in 1988. I will talk about the remake done by Sunlight Games in 2014 and it's currently available on Steam.


Some footage of my gameplay

You are Jerrod Wilson and your brother was convicted of a crime he didn't commit and scaped from Brooklyn to California, you haven't received news from him in years, but a letter comes from him telling you to go to California with him since he has found gold.

gold rush! plot.jpg

For a 1988 PC game, graphics are quite good, although the game looks heavily pixelated, the graphics coupled with the descriptions make enough of a description so you can imagine clearly. The setting really sets you in the year 1848 and has some nice details on backgrounds.

gold rush! graphics.jpg

Sound effects are almost non-existent and most are text-based, the ones that are in the game are enjoyable just because of the few there are. The game also features no in-game music while walking and such making it a fairly quiet type of game, music at the start is a pretty nice rendition of "Ode to Joy" and the music when getting something done correctly is awesome to hear.

This is a point and click adventure game, in essence, this style of the game relies on getting items for things you need to do, and they are puzzle based games, so the difficulty doesn't rely on control skills but problem-solving skills. In this game you will need first to get your postcard so you can know your brother is in California and want you there, then get money to get a ticket to go to California, and this is when the fun begins because there are 3 ways of going to California everyone has its own perils you need to prepare yourself in advance for. There are ways you can die and I recommend you explore them also since they are a great touch in the game and really gives you a freedom to explore and find ways to die also.

gold rush! gameplay.jpg

In conclusion, this is a pretty fun and hard adventure game, I do recommend you to play it, you will be amused and intrigue for a lot of hours with this game. You can buy the remake of Steam for about 2 USD so it's pretty affordable.


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