[Rogue Retro Gaming] Golden Axe (Master system)

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One of the most underrated but great games on the Sega Master System is a beat 'em up game called "Golden Axe" which was released by Sega in 1989.


Some footage of my gameplay

The plot isn't hinted in the game but we can see it in the game manual. The game takes place in a land called Yuria, where an axe that has special powers that keeps the land safe was kept in a castle, but a guy named Death-Adder stole it. You are Tarik a sword-wielding warrior who is tasked with reclaiming the Axe back.


This is not an amazing game in the graphics sense, but they aren't totally awful either. Backgrounds are a bit dull and all in all is not the most appealing game in the world. Colours are of things are rather ugly. Overall graphics are passable.


Sound effects in the game are in line with other games of its age, again not the most advanced ones but decent enough, I did enjoy the sound effects of the spells. Music is great, I didn't even mind the loops it was that cool, gives you a feeling of these dangerous medieval land.

The game is a beat 'em up style where you have to defeat all enemies on the screen to advance to the next one. Plays with two buttons, one to jump and the other to attack, you can also do an aerial attack if in mid-jump you attack, finally you do your magic attack by pressing both buttons at the same time, you deplete your magic meter and do the attack to all enemies at the same time. There are enemies ridding animals that you can knock out and jump into the animal to ride it and the attacks change depending on which animal you are ridding on. You get three lives and one continue, when you get hit and knock down you lose one health, there are 3 health points in every life so in essence you can be knocked down up to 9 times before you use your continue.


This is a super fun game and one of the most underrated on the Sega Master System library that I really recommend you play. Like a lot of classic Sega games, this is available on Android so go into your play store and pick 'em up.


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These quick looks are my own findings and original thoughts acquire while playing the game

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This game set a footmark on my life! love it a lot! used to play with the barbarian! 30 years then my 7 years old kid PLAYS IT AND LOVE IT!

Never played the Master system version of this, just the arcade. Solid game but I never really thought it was as cool as others did.


Graphics are not to write home about, but the game is pretty fun and I think is one of the least talk about.

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