[Rogue Retro Gaming] Mario Party 2 (N64)

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I love board games but unfortunately, there aren't a lot of good board games converted into video games to play with my friends, thankfully in 2000 Nintendo released a game on the N64 called Mario Party 2, and it's one of the best board game video games ever. Full disclosure there is a Mario Party 1 on the N64 but it is painful to play and can damage your controllers so I will play Mario Part 2 instead.

Mario Party2.jpg

Rogue Plays Mario Party 2

Mario and its friends discovered a new world and they are fighting to see how to name it when Bowser takes over the land and Toad had the idea of whoever its the superstar that defeats Bowser, the land is going to be named after him/her.

Mario Party2.jpg

Graphics are great, it doesn't look like polygons trying to be figures, they actually look like the characters they represent, they are not box-like. They are sometimes pretty funny, the backgrounds are well detailed and it sets you on the mood of the map you have chosen. I like small things like pirate hats on all players in the pirate theme board.

Mario Party2.jpg

Music and sound effects are great and offer a well-rounded experience, from the characters say when they do something right/wrong to the in mini-game music, which is much of the time comedic and nothing you heard becomes tedious or annoying.

It is a board game that uses dices, with the objective of being able to collect as many stars as possible for this you have to collect coins by winning mini-games or landing on blue spaces, there is a random space in the board where the star is, you just have to past to it and pay 20 coins for a star. At the end of the game the players that have collected the most stars win the game.

Mario Party2.jpg

The mini-games are great and the board game overworld presents the perfect excuse to play them, after all these years it is a great game to play. If you can find the game there is a version in the Wii U virtual console so you can play it that way.


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Sure it's great - the best one IMO, but now I've got blisters on my palms, a worn out analog stick, and my friends hate me... but was it worth it?



Ha ha ha ha, this is why I played Mario Party 2 and not 1 since the former is the one you get blisters and malfunctioning controllers

No idea if this was the first one I ever played but I am always up for a good match of this.


If your palms didn't hurt when you finish playing it, it was this one ;)

i thoroughly enjoyed reading/watching this post. very well presented. upvoted. followed and resteemed dude.

keep up the good work.