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Are you a fan of simple is better? Do you like non-complicated games? Well, NBA Jam maybe just for you, it was released in arcade form in 1993 by Midway is by many, the best basketball game made.

NBA Jam1.jpg

Some footage of my gameplay

Since the game has no plot we will go directly into graphics. Player faces are bearly recognizable or not recognizable at all, backgrounds feature public and bench players watching the game which is a nice touch. Overall graphics are pretty much in line with arcade style of games and it's kind of funny and fast at the same time.

NBA Jam1.jpg

This is an arcade game so in order for people to take notice of it, it has to have loud and great sounds, and in this game, those are totally great, from the announcer that narrates everything that it happens in a funny way, to the cheers and boos of the crowd it has great sound effects. Music is good too since it's like a jazzy smooth song in the background but you can bearly hear it.

This is a fast-paced arcade-style basketball game like no other since it's 2 vs 2. The game has very basic controls consisting only in passing, shooting and the "turbo button" you only fully control 1 player in the game but if you are up with a CPU player you can direct it to shoot or pass. The fun becomes much bigger when you play multiplayer games because you can play with up to 4 players all controlling one player on each team.

NBA Jam1.jpg

If you like a fast-paced basketball game with over the top dunks and ridiculous blocks in an arcade-style setting then NBA Jam is your game, you don't need to be a basketball or NBA fan to play and enjoy it if you are interested you pick this game up, there are a lot of ports including on Xbox, Wii, PS3 and Android so give it a try.


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This is a fun game! too bad is too short lol