[Rogue Retro Gaming] The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time (N64)

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It is time to talk about maybe the best game on the N64 and one of the best games ever in the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time, the first 3-D Zelda game, released by Nintendo in 1998.


Rogue Plays

You are Link a child of the forest with no fairy (since all of the forest kids have one) who is tasked to save the world of Hyrule from darkness, by protecting an ancient artefact left by the goddesses of the world that is hidden on the Spirit Realm from a man named Ganondorf who wants to take over Hyrule.


This is what the N64 is capable of doing, this is an awesome game with awesome looking graphics, the world has a lot of detailing on it, from the grass to the characters everything was done with a lot of care, granted this game can't be confused with a Game Cube game but it's due to the limitations of the actual console, it really demonstrates what the N64 can do.


Music is more than great, it is near perfect the composer is Koji Kondo and it shows, this game may have the best music of any game ever that's how much I like the music in Ocarina of time, there are different songs for each of the situations and places you are visiting. Sound effects are also pretty good too, they are not annoying and really makes you feel like you are in the game.

This game is an adventure RPG kind of game, combat happens in real time but it has RPG elements like talking to people and dungeons with puzzles you have to figure out. The game makes a great use of the N64 controller since you can bind your inventory items to C-Buttons to get to them quickly. The game features also a great targeting system that simplifies combat enough to be fun. You have clear goals and don't feel lost on what to do on the vast world, but also it is lenient enough to make some side quests or waste time in other activities like fishing or in-store games.


This is an excellent game if you haven't played it then what are you waiting for? It is that good. This is simply a masterpiece and a little bit of trivia, my favourite game on my favourite console ever, so for me, this is what the N64 is all about. From the title screen to the end battle this game will blow you away. The game is in both the Wii and WiiU virtual consoles so get it! Please play it and be amazed.


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I saw a lot of random screenshots & gameplay vids of LoZ:OoT before, but now is when I first noticed its similarity with Megaman 64 (better known as Megaman Legends/Rockman Dash.)

I want to play the 3DS version once at least.