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In this instalment we are going to look into a game I absolutely adored when I was in my pre-teen years WWF No Mercy for the Nintendo 64 and it is one of the best WWE/WWF wrestling games of all time and was released by THQ in 2000.


*Some footage of my gameplay*

Game modes
Since this is a wrestling game, I will change plot for game modes, this game features:

Exhibition. Where you can create whichever match you like and play with any wrestler you own.

Royal Rumble. In here you can play in the Royal Rumble style of match starting with 4 all the way to 40 wrestlers if you are not familiar with WWE Royal Rumble is a match where wrestlers enter the ring at different times and have to eliminate other wrestlers by knocking them out of the ring over the top rope.

Pay Per View. Where you can do your own pay per view event.

King of the ring. This is a tournament style mode.

Guest Referee. In here you play as the referee with any superstar.

Ladder Match. A match where the objective is to grab the belt that hangs on the ceiling in the center of the ring using a ladder.

Ironman. A match where pinfalls or submissions are counted and whoever does more in an hour wins the match.

Championship. Which is a story mode, where your fighter gets into WWE style feuds in its way for a title of your choice.

Survival. Which is a never ending Royal Rumble Match.


Graphics are pretty standard for the N64, which are polygon style graphics and wrestlers looked like made from milk cartons. The crowd is a nice touch and looks good but kind of carton figures if you look at them from the side. All colors in the wrestlers and arenas are what you come to expect of the real-life guys so, that is great.


Music and sounds
The game has no music when in a match, but do have the entrance song at the time for every wrestler which is expected of a WWE/WWF game, the music in the menus is fine, but is it not great and can be a bit annoying real soon. Sound effects are kind of comical when you punch you make a sound I found kind of funny, but in general, they are good.

Although this is a game for the N64 and the controller has a joystick the game uses the d-pad, "a" and "b" buttons are used for grabs and punching respectively, while "R "and "L" are for defending your self against grabs and punches. The combat system is not overly complex and rather intuitive control scheme is not too hard using in essence two offensive buttons and two defensive ones while using the "c" buttons for actions like running, grabbing and dropping items and the like, the simple combat system makes the game pretty fun. Special moves are performed when the bar on the bottom is bright red and flashing white, you then make a taunt with the analog stick and letters that spelled "Special" will be on the bar you then do (most times) a hold and use the analog stick again and perform the special move.


This is a pretty fun game and for me, it holds up for all these years, yes the graphics are dated but the game is still as fun as I remember it to be. If you like wrestling pick it up it is still one of the best wrestling games. The game is available on eBay for as low as 1 USD.


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These quick looks are my own findings and original thoughts acquire while playing the game

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