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Marios has been in a lot of different games since its platform debut in Donkey Kong dodging barrels. One of the most original games he has ever been is "Paper Mario", which is a turn-based RPG game with paper inspired graphics, and was released by Nintendo in 2001.

paper mario.jpg

Some footage of my gameplay

Bowser has infiltrated this story and taken control over Star Haven, where stars live above the clouds and taken control of the Star Rod which grants the ones who possess it all of their wishes, and with the help of the rod has imprisoned all of the 7 Star spirits with the goal of capturing Princess Peach and beating Mario once and for all.

paper mario.jpg

Paper Mario is a paper style game where the charm comes from things appearing with a paper 2-D perspective and does it pretty well. This Mario world really feels like it's made out of paper cuts, locations and characters are well represented and the game has pretty amazing looking graphics for the N64.

paper mario.jpg

Sound effects are pretty good and nothing is too annoying or seems out of place on the contrary I really enjoyed them. Music is great too but there is nothing too memorable like in other games where I start to hum the tune midway through the game, but the music isn't bad by any means.

This is a turn-based RPG game with normal RPG elements like levelling up, talking to people and grabbing items, like most turn-based RPG's you have a party that can change and different abilities for yourself and your party members. The things that make this RPG different from the rest is that is Mario theme and the fact that is both hard and funny at the same time, with jokes in the corky dialogue and funny situations in a pretty light-hearted adventure, in your quest to free Princess Peach from capture once again.

paper mario.jpg

If you are looking for a funny, light-hearted RPG that is also long and possess enough challenge to keep you interested, you should definitely try Paper Mario. This is I think one of the best things Nintendo has done with the Mario IP. You can find this game on eBay or Amazon for about 30 USD.


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I didn't play this until much later as i didn't get a 64 until my last year of college but it is a great game. I dunno if it quite matches super mario rpg but its close for sure


Yeah! It is a fun game, pretty funny.


Definitely not on par with Mario RPG. Some people say 1000 year door is, but I've never played it. IMO Nintendo needs to get Square(enix) back in to collab with the dev team if they want to re-capture the magic of the original.