First Triwizard Chess Game On World!!!

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A IIT Student Mr. Aditya Nigam which is studying in B. Tech on 2014 batch, has brought a unique idea that 3 people can play chess game at time. Many of us know that chess can be played between 2 players only.

But think how we can play same game by 3 peoples at single time. Fantastic right?

Aditya is playing chess game sinces year of 5. He has already created on app as Passbrook which is invented in year 2016. He is co-founder of passbrook. In that he Handle Tech (back-end development) and Marketing. In this app this is simple billing management app developed by him.

In augest 18 and 19 tournament is happened as triwizard chess game at IIT.
In this chess game player play game in clock wize manner. First player is by default white pieces player. After that second player play and third and so on...

All chess rules are here applied. Only difference is that you have 2 rivals against you. So difficulty level is high as compare to traditional chess wizard. You must concentrate more in triwizard game as compare to traditional game.

Aditya made "Patent" of "triwizard chess game". This is first patent of him. Nigam announce that he will gift Triwizard Chess to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi by the end of month as tweeted this to him.

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This reminds me the chapter of Big bang theory when Sheldon makes a chess 3d Lol, you need to be a genius to play this.