Destiny 2 Update

7개월 전

More Exotic Stuff.

With the weekly visit of Xur, saw me acquiring even more exotic stuff, in fact, combined with doing a couple of Nightfall missions I have now unlocked the achievement for getting 15 of these.

Moving forward, I have completed most of the mainstream quests as well as advanced through the Season 9 rankings, still, some way to go but getting there, my weaponry and armour are pretty awesome and I am mostly enjoying playing the PVP components of the game.

At present, I have my Titan up to level 938 (Out of a maximum of 999) and am steadily progressing it to the max. Once I have done this I will then switch to my Warlock character and do the same. Of course, this will be much easier as I will already have the best weapons stored in my vault.

Thanks for reading.

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