Grinding for Achievements.

8개월 전

Microsoft Weekly Rewards.

So this weekly challenge is to get three achievements on the Xbox One, so in order to do so, I have to play some new games. Fortunately, I have already got one of the three playing Forza 4 Horizons so only another two to go.

In order to get this reward I have already downloaded a couple of games from my Ultimate Game Pass Collection and had these ready for such a challenge so it should be relatively straight forward to get them.

It is good to be prepared for these weekly challenges as every week you earn 100 points and every 10 weeks you get an additional 2500 points as long as you consecutively complete all the challenges, that's an extra 17,700 points a year for nothing (equates to around £15) for just playing the Xbox on top of all the other points you can accumulate.

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