Is albion online worth your time ?



I have started playing Albion Online 3 days ago and its time for a game review after a long time. I can clearly say that MMORPG is my favourite genre but due to Blizzard/Activision and production post of the genre it is really hard to find good examples of it, a friend of mine offered me to play this and I decided to hop in and try.



Albion online is a sandbox Mmorpg with medievel theme where you can craft, full pvp loot and colonize the game gives the true open world experience because there are almost 0 quests and there isn't only one way. Eventhough the game is published on 2017 it has the old school MMO experience

Crafting, gathering, Pk and obviously some grinding seemed like main things you can do in the game in my 3 days and I couldn't find a lot of time to try everything so I will assume that there are a lot of stuff you can do in these areas.

The game provides a huge landmass to colonize or GVG and explore, however I can't really say there are a lot of content in this huge land, but potential is there.


Pvp Gameplay

There are 2 modes of Pvp you can enter a solo player its either world Pvp where you can lose or win loot by killing opponents or its 5v5 Pvp where you need to capture some points and whoever reaches 0 loses. Also there are huge Gvg opportunities in order to colonize the land in the main continent.

Gathering and Crafting


Gathering is pretty simple you can pick stones , mine ores, herbalism, fishing, skinning and common stuff you will see in every Mmorpg but this game provides an open market and you can literally craft everything to weapons to tomes. I don't personally like crafting or gathering but it looks nice and complex in this game.

Final thoughts

if you don't like isometric hack and slashes but you like old school mmorpgs like Runescape and ultima online this ga me is pretty fun and interesting to play. I didn't reach the end game content but I won't deny you can literally buy silver from market so it makes the game a little p2w however it is really easy to reach cap level so it doesn't make a lot of difference. I can reccomend this game if you want to have fun in a casual sandbox mmorpg with your friends but I think it requires more content.

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