9 Lives Arena Arena Game & Enjin Integration

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9 Lives Arena, 9LA for short is an upcoming PVP game in the Enjin ecosystem. Enjin tokens allow backed in-game items to be transferred, sold and even loaned to other players. This allows true item ownership. Meaning players can spend money in game and have value stored in the items, so if the player decides to sell their items to others, or chooses to pull their items out entirely, they can. This will mean a player can put money and time into a game and even if the server crashes or they hit a wall they can take that hard work and capital out. And put it in a completely separate game. With a different developer or even a different platform! A legendary sword in game A can be melted down or if the developers allow it become a legendary plasma rifle in game B.

The ENJIN team is hard at work making Software Development Kits that allow developers to 'plug-in' the item minting mechanic and put Enjin into their games. On the docket so far is SDKs for Java/Minecraft, Unity, Unreal Engine and so much more.

Created by Epic Smtudios this game engine features the Batman Arkham series, Borderlands 2, ARK, Gears of War and Twitch darling Fortnite in its quiver.
On the digital horizon a new comer emerges.

The first game to use the Unreal Engine ENJIN SDK.

9LA is given its name from the mechanic it uses for the players champion. It is a digital assest that has nine lives.
Once you lose nine times your champion does not revive. In his place you gain a massive trophy that showcases how many victories he had, this trophy is also backed by ENJ. So you can melt it down for more tokens or even sell it to the player that killed you last. Imagine getting a bounty for kills and trophy collecting like the Predator.

And you can use these ENJ in other games or power up your new champion to get revenge. The Rocky coming back from training for his rematch against Clubber Lang.

Players train their champion and compete in the arena one on one. The winner gets rare gear and blueprints to better their armor. What about when I have one life left? Why should I risk it? The community had this same question and the team decided to officially declare a special tournament for last lifers. If they win they get all their lives back. So a skilled player could play to the point they will retire their champion as the king of all fighters. And only compete in International Tournaments for honor and prestige on Dlive.

And there are practice arenas where you can duel your friends and not risk permadeath triggering.

This is a skill based game that merges abilities, timing and strategy infused real time combat on the blockchain.

There is a mobile component. As you saw in the video you get a little helper called an Ooogy. These little workers are bribed with fish. you feed them and they mine resources for you. Raw materials that you can use to craft armor, weapons and items to help you in the arena.

A rare Ooogy.



These guys are also backed by Enjin tokens and can be instructed to do tasks on a mobile app. Think of a value backed tomagatchi that you can level up, upgrade and customize. Even sell to other players. Going to the beach for a weekend? Loan him to your friend for some Enjin tokens. And get him back a few levels higher.

"Why do I feel like there's another twist @swolesome?"

This game is going to have a campaign on Kickstarter!
Imagine crypto and gaming front and center. Another game using crypto
has raised nearly 300k. I constantly get ads for it on Facebook and Instagram where I have no crypto accounts linked. The goal for crypto is adoption. Early August will showcase this to noncrypto gamers. It is very early but we should get excited for games like these. On or off the Steem blockchain this game is the future.

You can earn cryptobacked prizes on the xbox! @chibera is in her early infancy but games like this will surge on Twitch and Dlive.

Release the hype engine!

My favorite discord for discussing tech like this and projects like @dlux. A VR interface on the steem block chain that uses unity assets, so it could have Enjin Items!


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Thanks for mentioning https://dlux.io

real value, real ownership of heros, trading ingame items outside of the game, wow


It's pretty crazy. And with kickstarter you will see some huge user turnout so good items will become rarer and more valuable!

Estimated rollout is spring 2019.


wtf dude you just copied my comment on the youtube video :D make your own


Ruffy!! :D

Amazing games.LOL.


9LA will be huge.


Raro pero interesante.

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Come on! Games were never so great! I have been stopping playing some online games in which I regret spending so much effort, because I got bored, but this way I wouldn't regret anymore, as I can just transfer my coins to another game and continue enjoying the gaming journey!

I'm saving money to buy a new computer, because I only have a laptop that only works to play age of empires 1 haha. I hope I already have my computer by the time this game is released to be Beta-tester.

I will Resteem this, I knew it was worth to pin to read later! :) thanks for the info