League of Legends - TeeKho - A journey to Master #1

4년 전

Hello fellow gamers!
This is my first post in a series of posts following my journey to Master in League of Legends. The attempt will be to reach Master Division starting from Diamond V.

Considering I have college exams and other projects to take care of, I'm going to set a mini goal at first to reach Diamond III by the end of the 7th season.

  • Q&A

  • Which role will you be playing?
    Support Primary, ADC Secondary.

  • What kind of supports do you play?
    Aggressive and playmaking supports (Thresh, Blitz, Bard, Rakan).

  • What's your most played champion?

  • Is it possible to carry a game as a support?
    No, you just have to hope for someone to carry you every game... I'm kidding, of course it's possible.

  • Do you prefer to duo?
    Nope, I like to grind alone in solo queue. Mainly because of tougher matchmaking when you're premade. I play with friends in every other queue though!

  • Did you ever miss a hook?
    I'll let you decide:

I'll try to post regularly and update my progress whenever I can. Make sure to follow me to glory in this journey! Fingers crossed

I'll also happily answer any questions. Thanks for reading!

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Nice to see a fellow gamer here in Steem. Awesome article as well @teekho! Here take my upvote :)

I'll be following your journey to Master as well. Keep it up.

Aside from casual Lol playing I also play Dota 2 and I know there's a big gaming rivalry between these two games but hopefully we can be one big friendly gaming community here in Steem.

I recently published an article about Dota 2 myself and an upvote no matter how small is appreciated.



Yeah a few years back I played dota 2 for almost a year. I'd also like us to be one big friendly gaming community!
You got my upvote as well.


Awesome bro! Followed your blog would appreciate the follow back

yeah yeah i'm still a baller


dis mad

Hey man!

I will follow you on your journey! Im p2 at this moment climbing up to dia AGAIN. I dropped 2 times out of d5 this season.
I wish you luck man with your teammates.

Which server are you on ?

I followed you and I hope you follow me back @alligatooo !
In the future I will make some League posts aswell!

Have a nice day from a singed main !
How'bout a drink?


Hey man, good luck on your climb as well! I'm on EUNE. Followed you too.