How to have a Truely Epic and legitimately Terrifying Gaming Experience

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How I play games

Personally I usually have the most fun in a video game when the experience is as realistic as possible. When I play games like skyrim I download mods that require you to eat and drink to survive as well as balance the game so that damage dealt to the player and npc's is more realistic etc. I do the same in games like Sim City that make managing the virtual city more realistic.

Currently I have been playing 7 Days to Die, a zombie survival game that is also kind of a tower defense game in which the player builds a fortified base in order to protect himself from incoming hordes, while also having to worry about starvation, dehydration, injuries, freezing, and overheating. And of course I play it one life mode, if I die I delete the save. This has given me some of the greatest gaming memories I have ever had. The amount of adrenaline and near heart attacks it has given me has made me wonder if I should stop playing this way because I'm kind of worried this may actually give me a heart attack or something one day. Games like Slenderman went viral for being scary and all I have to say is please. If you die in Slenderman you just start over. Try playing a game where you accomplished things and became emotionally attached to your in game items which took forever to find and then realizing you may lose everything you worked so hard for because a pack of wild dogs are hunting you and your leg is injured so you can't even run away fast enough. That is a real sense of danger. (That was how I died the other day) :'(

One thing I would really love to do is challenge someone to try and survive like 30 days or something under a given set of game settings and if they survive the 30 days I will pay them 1000 steem or something. Imagine the horror of being so close to winning $1,000 with zombies bashing your door down and you have no escape.

I have also been wanting to get some guys together to have like a 5 man team all play on a passworded server and each player has only one life. If a player dies they get banned from the server.

I play with high quality headphones as well so every sound I hear tends to give me reactions similar to this

I'll never forget this one time when I was looting a city at night and I misclicked and accidentally fired a gun which alerted some zombies to my presence. I was in this huge hospital building so I had no way of knowing whether or not any zombies broke in through a window or something and got inside. But I could hear them bashing on various doors trying to get in so I was just like oh son of a bitch. So there I am with my senses dramatically heightened and almost shaking uncontrollably because I had all this great stuff and really did not want to die and lose my progress. And fucking out of nowhere this dog comes sprinting around a corner barking. If only I had been recording or streaming because I'm sure my reaction was utterly priceless.

A few screenshots

My question for you is are you man enough?

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This reminds me how I used to play Dead Space. If you're up for a terrifying challenge, buy Dead Space 2, darken all of your windows, and start hardcore mode. You only get 3 saves and the difficulty is all the way up. It is 20x more horrifying than when you play the game with unlimited saves. One of my favorite games. Also, you get a very nice prize if you can do it.


I always play horror games in the dark alone. People that play them in a well lit room with their friends just baffle me.


Did you ever get into Amnesia?


No but I may get it some day


I recommend it to anyone who loves horror games (the first one)